Do children accumulate karma? At what age are you responsible for your karma? Karma

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If I do a bad karma without knowing or realizing properly will I receive fruits for that or not?

What about children? Do they accumulate karma too? Don't they make lot of mistakes unknowingly?

At what age are you responsible for your own karma?

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  • jay 29 days ago | +0 points

    Children become responsible for their karma after four years of age.

    Boys of less than four years in age can never be guilty or sinful. Even the king cannot punish them.

    [Garuda Purana, Dharma Khanda, chapter XLIII] 

  • harigoyal 26 days ago | +0 points

    Practically a person should be hold responsible for his/her Karmas when he/she has attained wisdom and freedom to do Karma on his/her own.