Did Congress=Left Cabal made IIT's IIM's etc Topics in Hinduism

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    Source  - https://twitter.com/RapperPandit/status/1307151456387047424?s=20&t=8DFZ3y9KowVMDa_KBID-7g

    Was it Really Nehru ji behind all this? Be Ready for the Unexpected !


    Often we see such Arguements, which leave many of us without Answer. #Thread Begins

    1/n ~It is Not Pandit Nehru BUT visionaries Dr. Shyama Prasad ,Ramaswami Muralidhar, Amrit Kaur, Mahraj of Mysore,WalchanHirachand ,NR Sarkar Behind: IITs, AIIMs, HAL, IISc, CSIR, BARC, TIFR etc.Giving you PROOF, No one Can REFUTEShocking but TRUE !

    2/nCSIR: Nehru had love for Socialism and Hated Profit, Capitalism and was "Least Intersted in Science."Dr. Shyama Prasad, founder of BJS (now BJP), was the key person. Nehru ji didn’t want to be part of Scientific works at CSIR, beause he was busyPROOF1: READ IT SLOWLY !!


    3/n NATIONAL LABS:Dr. Shyama Prasad before resigning from Congress later set up Premier R&D institutes :~National Physics Lab~National Chemical Lab~National Mettalurgical Lab & many other advance R&D centres.

    4/n AIIMS:During Constituent Assembly debate with Dr.Shyama Prasad: NG Ranga mentions : Nehru Opposed setting up AIIMS, wanted to do Housing projects~But Due to Efforts of Princess Amrit Kaur AIIMS was set up ~Dr. Harshvardhan inaugrated OPD at AIIMS in her nameREAD SLOWLY:


    Let's Pay Naman to this Great Lady behind AIIMS PRINCESS AMRIT KAUR


    5/nIIT: IITs on the pattern of MIT, conceptuialized in 1946 by Sh Joginder Singh, for post WW Indust. Developments. Committee under N.R. Sarkar recommended 4 No Tech Institutes in N/S/E/W. First IIT Kgp in 1950, Home State of Dr. Shyama Prasad Mukherjee. Speaks for itself


    6/nBARC: Pandit Nehru Hated Atomic Energy that’s why he was champion of Non Prolif Treaty.He hated Profits, due to his love for Socialism.Ribbon cutting by XYZ doesn’t mean , founded by XYZREAD SLOWLY:


    BARC History: I cannot Spot, Pandit Nehru jis name. Can You ?


    7/n Other Premier Institutes, before someone else claims to be founding father• IISc, Bangalore – 1909 – Maharaj of Mysore• TIFR, Mumbai, 1909- JRD Tata + Homi Baba• HAL, Banglaore – 1940 - Walchand HirachandIISc / TIFR/ HAL- LONG BEFORE NEHRU JI BECAME PM

    8/nISRO & DRDO: ISRO and DRDO have similar stories.READ SLOWLY:


    *Source- -Constituent Assembly debate records.-Various Facts in Public domain on Govt Sites.-Websites of the Institutions-Sh Arvind Kumar , Sunday Guardian


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