Water denying Discrimination Hindu-Phobia and Hindu-Hatred

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    In the years before Islamic Invasions n British colonisation, India was well-endowed with lakes, tanks and water harvesting structures. Kings financed the maintenance of the water structures while citizens contributed labour.

    Since people took a personal interest in their water resources, there was a collective sense of responsibility to safeguard them.Invasions destroyed that .Under British rule,the maintenance of reservoirs and rainwater harvesting structures was perceived as an unnecessary

    expense and discontinued. Gradually, water tanks fell into disuse. Due to Famines,Droughts,Epidemics,Wars n destruction caused during that time people migrated to cities freqeuntly in search of education and jobs,which resulted in indigenous knowledge of water management and

    sanitation to disappear completely.. It were the British rulers who started discharging sewers of towns like Varanasi, Patna, Kanpur, Munger into Ganga in the 19th century. Before that, we at least didn't have this problem. For this, they sometimes used the existing canals

    used for irrigating agricultural fields.Similarly, the modern leather factories near Kanpur are a legacy of the British.British not only polluted Indian rivers but their own rivers as well.viz- River Thames that flows through London was so polluted that it was declared

    biologically dead. From 1830 to 1860 tens of thousands of people died of cholera as a result of the pollution in the Thames. Sewage was being discharged directly into the Thames. Despite the foul smell, people continued to wash and bathe and drink from the river, because lower

    income people of London had no other way. Effective treatment of Thames only began after World War 2 and now River thames is one of the most cleanest rivers in the world. People catch fish and dive into it. This is Another good read on Sanitation


    There is also a spiritual reason for this-Runanubandha..Today,Science has proved that Water has memoryLet us assume - There r 2 communities A n B living in different areas ,Community B gets displaced from its area becoz of Invasions/Colonization etc .Now a community A will not

    allow members of community B(or say any community) to draw water from its Water source like Wells,lakes,ponds etc . This is not discrimination-The community A do not allow becoz living in certain area for generations ,A has formed Runanubandha with its water source,We all

    know this -Water tastes different in every region of India n when we go to a new place like a new city/state,many times we find the water does not taste good or tastes different than the previous one which we were accustomed with.Most people in Hinduism were on some sort of

    spiritual practice. If an evil person touches the water,that person can transfer his vibrations impacting it, which is proved today (Water has Memeory),this is also why Some rivers water r considered sacred eg Gangaajal becoz they originate from Himalayas where Millions of Holy

    men have lived.Other reason - It is A's free will n choice to have its comfort n convenience not to be disturbed.As far as i hv heard ,people did not allow certain Persons who were engaged in unclean occupations to draw water from Wells etc and that is nothing wrong,Even 

    today,no one will allow an unclean person to enter their house n touch their water directly.But this is a complex matter,In those times ,such unclean People were given water through a distance like a handle as we do even today when a stranger comes and asks for water. The

    approach that unclean person should himself be allowed to touch the Water from the source comes from MArxist thinkingSafe distance was converted into propaganda like Untouchablility. Now everyone believes and obeys hygiene.. We are not supposed to touch our own body below stomach. If you touch you have to cleanse with water. Water is all source of drinking and cleaning internally and externally..


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