SATAN - DEVIL Vs MAYA Topics in Hinduism

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    Is there a Hindu version of the devil?

    No there is not - because the existence of a force or prince of evil called the devil implies a cosmic duality. God vs the Devil - which is a theological concept obtained by the Abrahamic religions from Zoroastrianism.

    The Hindu concept is that there is a single unitary source from whence everything in the cosmos proceeds. Good and Evil is a relative dichotomy which applies to the conditioned world of change only.

    Hindu mythology is replete with narratives of the gods (Suras) battling the antigods (Asuras) - which represents the continual universal struggle between Chaos and Order. Both the gods and the antigods are born from the same father through different mothers so they are half brothers, neither the gods are perfectly good, nor are the antigods perfectly evil and neither of them have the ability to affect the destiny of the Self (ātman). In contrast to the God and Devil contending for human souls in Christian theology.

    Satan is not a real thing and was a theological development over hundreds of years.

    He appears first in the Book of Job in which he appears among the “sons of God” to attend a meeting in heaven. He has a very friendly conversation with God and the two of them have a bet over what Job, a devotee of God would do if everything he treasured were to be taken away from him. So God gives Satan permission to destroy Job’s life - to kill his wife and children and all that he has. This is a deeply troubling book of the Bible but God and Satan are obviously on very friendly terms. The mythology further developed in which Satan was identified with Venus and became a ‘fallen” angel.

    Later on, probably under the influence of the dualism of Zoroastrianism, a binary struggle for universal dominance was envisioned - further developed under the Apocalyptic ideology prevalent at the time of Jesus. He reaches the pinnacle of his mythical career in the Book of Revelations.

    As usual Islam adopted the ideology from the Judeo-Christian tradition and ran with it - developing its own mythology of Satan/Iblis refusing to bow to Adam Iblis - Wikipedia although Islam rejected the idea of a God vs Satan conflict.

    So Satan is a prominent player - the tempter, the adversary in the Christo-Islamic mythology.

    Shiva on the other hand is the embodiment of the transformative energy of the Cosmos - the other two being Brahmā - the creative force and Vishnu the conservative force. All three being aspects the one Godhead.

    So obviously there is no connection between them.

    There is no concept of Satan in Hinduism.

    Mara is related to Māra which are the principles of death and reproduction.

    Everything is produced through sexual intercourse, presided over by Kāma-deva also known as Māra, and everything born dies, an event presided over by Mara or Yama.

    So these two aspects of existence are 2 sides of the same coin, and this is why Lord Shiva who is the force of destruction is worshiped in the form of the TRIŚŪLA– trident (a weapon of death) as well as a LINGA – the instrument of reproduction.

    Hindus have always been fascinated by the cycles of creation, preservation and destruction and rebirth. All of which are normal, natural and sequential and about which there is nothing “evil” i.e. Satanic.


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