CULTURAL MARXISM Topics in Hinduism

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Some Notess

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    This is due to rapid adoption n mainstreaming of Cultural Marxism.According to Marxist Cultural War ideology - society is divided up into the oppressed and the oppressors.For them every conflict is about oppressor-oppressed like class/caste, gender, and race conflicts.The oppressor is always the one with power n privilege-regardless of the character n actions of the “oppressed” group who are always innocent victims no matter what they do n to criticise or condemn them or to question the narrative will get you cancelled.

    Those who either self-identify or are allocated “oppressed” status are entitled to “struggle” against their “oppressors” and hopefully initiate a cultural revolution to topple the imaginary hierarchy aka ruling patriarchy and to bring about a socialist Utopia(No one knows what that is.

    The oppressed in this world view are always right So any attacks - either ideological, cultural or even physical by the “minority” on the members of majority are legitimate ways to address their imagined grievances.So in the context of India any brutalisation of those perceived as belonging to the ruling patriarchy(UC) aka Hindus is/will not be paid any attention by the press/MSM .So even when there are hundreds of instances of persecution of Hindus, destruction of homes and temples, children abducted etc.the press completely ignores - or allocates a tiny mention on last page at the bottom.like KP exodus,Bengal,Kerala Violence etc ,So,In India -

    Acc to this absurd ideologyOppressors are Upper Castes(esp Cis Brahmin Males)Oppressed are Minorities(Muslims) n Dalits. and there is also a theory of Intersectionality linkiing Muslims,Dalits,LGBTQ,Women,Farmers etc as Oppressed.These are modern day Dasyus or ASURAS.

    Marxism aka Communism aka Socialism is in its last stage. It has gone out of control now. Its original thesis of Workers vs Capitalists is no longer feasible. So it has morphed into other areas likeMan Vs WomanCis Vs Het etc.They want to invent conflict everywhere even if it is not there ,Its lastest manifestation is pushing of LGBTQ ideology into mainstream via Media,Academics,Corporates. In the End ,this will only cause CHAOS creating frustated n depressed individuals.

    Every communist would say - “O communism is about equality, fraternity and freedom and Utopia!”Communism/socialism/Marxism in pure theory is a terrific system which is the road to Utopia, but in practice it is unworkable. The history of communism is drenched in blood (more than 100,000,000 people died under communism, there was repression, oppression and state instituted surveilence and torture and all freedoms were removed. Today Cuba and North Korea are the only two strict communist states - No one would like to live there


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    There is also another narrative created by Leftists to malign Hinduism .They compare Whites and Blacks to Savarnas and Avarnas resp . But this is a false notion and outright Hinduphobia .The Vedas are clear -The 4 Varnas are present in nature of each individual .So there is no such thing as Savarna and Avarna which are Missionary created Terms .Our MSM is promoting outright Hinduphobia.

    If u go by that definition -The Whites are more than 75% of USA whereas So called Savarnas are less than 15% .The West is trying to import its own conflicts to India.This is worst form of Imperialism and Colonialism which has ever happened

    Descent of Cultural Marxism in form of CRT from US in INDIA

    The two foundational proposition of CRT are:–

    1. First white supremacy exists and exhibits power maintained over time, and, in particular, that the law plays a role in this process

    2. Second, that transforming the relationship between law and racial power, as well as achieving racial emancipation and anti-subordination more broadly, are possible. America is a unique country with an enormous number of problems due to its history of Native American Genocide and 400 years of Trans-Atlantic Black slavery and contingent racial issues which have never been resolved. 

    So any “racial” theory originating in USA is a localised matter not transferable to anywhere else in the world.“White Supremacy” only applies to America and other western countries simply because whites are the majority and have been for centuries.

    Non-whites in those countries are migrants and refugees and constitute a minority.They have tried to import their Problems to Other Countries especially INDIA esp with help of Indian Left by equating Racism as Casteism which is ridiculous.Acc. to Which

    Blacks = Dalits 

    Whites = Upper Castes (Brahmins)

     Native Americans = Adivasis

    Native American Genocide = AIT/AMT

    Now here’s where the Indian Marxists come in - since acc to them, the whole system is corrupted by capitalism and social injustice - So it must ALL be torn down to bring Political Revolution” and totalitarianism from which SOCIALIST UTOPIA will arise.

    Both Blacks and Whites are not natives in USA .They are Foreigners. Whites belong to Europe and Blacks to Africa. All Indians whether UC,LC or SC/ST are Natives n Indigenous. Indian LEFT has superimposed US phenomena into India mapping US Black-White History n relations into complex Jaati relationship in India for playing Identity politics in India.


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