CRITICISM OF Ambedkar Topics in Hinduism

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Some Notess on Ambedkar;s views

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    I respect Ambedakar but We have to look at this fact that Ambedkar is no God.He himself went to Study at Columbia University which is a major hub of Christian Evalengicals. U can imagine where he got his ideas on Hindu Caste from.Ambedakar studied Hindu Society through the lens of Marxists n Westerners.

    I have read Ambedkar works ,Ambedkar entered into the scene in 1920.We should understand the context here. We are talking of the time when British Power was Supreme and their Colonial Hold on Information flow was unchallenged.There are many facts which Ambedkar was not aware during his Lifetime.A lot of new Inform has came out from British Archives n Chronicles which Ambedkar was not aware Eg - No word for "caste" in any Indian language. Caste not same as jati.

    The Bizarre thing I have noticed in India is that almost every Big leader like Nehru n Gandhi have been criticized in severe terms.Even Rama,Buddha n Krishna have been criticized.But this Ambedkar guy has been made into some form of sacrosanct which people r afraid to criticize.The truth is He was made leader of Dalits and later Bahujans were added.Majority of Dalits never considered this guy as their leader n never voted or supported him.That is why he never won any Elections.

    the problem is No hindus ever had the guts to make videos and say look ,ambedkar was a great man n a man of his times but he is not GOD.Ambedkar was wrong on Hinduism Ambedkar ideas were basically Christian right views on Hinduism The condition of DALITS today is not entirely the uppercastes people fault but Islamic n Christian pirates rule is equally responsible and mainly responsible for their present condition.Becoz it is they who were ultimately ruling n governing country.

    Counterview: Ambedkar Was Wrong About Hinduism. The Right Can Stop Trying To Appropriate Him.

    Take for eg - his book Riddles in Hinduism

    It is an example of polemics by a man who was genuinely angry with the behaviour of some Hindus of his time. Hindu scripture and philosophical thought is like a trackless forest with many contradictory things in them. It is with the help of the Acharyas (they are not infallible either) and one's personal experience and thought that Hindu Dharma yields its fruits. This makes it extraordinarily difficult for Hindu laymen to even understand Hindu teachings. It is one of the reasons for riddles. Moreover, Hinduism not being an organized religion like the Abrahamic faiths has a quality control problem. Freedom comes with a steep price.

    It appears on reading his book that these are the views of a Orientalist White Christian on a Heathen religion-like Brahmins did this,that,Compare this with How Christians viewed Classical Europe paganism was considered not just a psychological but a physical miasma. Christianity appeared on a planet that had been, for at least 70,000 years, animist. (Asking the women and men of antiquity whether they believed in spirits, nymphs, djinns would have been as odd as asking them whether they believed in the sea.) But for Christians, the food that pagans produced, the bathwater they washed in, their very breaths were thought to be infected by demons. Pollution was said to make its way into the lungs of bystanders during animal sacrifice. And once Christianity became championed by Rome, one of the most militaristic civilizations the world has known, philosophical discussions on the nature of good and evil became martial instructions for purges and pugilism.Now replace Ambedkar in place of Christians and Hinduism in place of Paganism,one will get his views after he got his education in Columbia University in America in 1915 at a time when Jews n Blacks were viewed as with abhorrent rejectedness. No one knew who influenced Ambedkar there,what were his thoughts there

    How Christians Destroyed the Ancient World

    Here is one eg of Christian influence on Ambedkar where our great injun intellectual wrote that slaves have advantage over free men because they were property?

    Ironically, non of so called social justice worrier ever tried to analyse the IMPACT of British loot 45 trillion USD on our society? Do you know the value of loot done by britishers? At present, it is 17 times higher than UK annual gross domestic product.

    What if take away our 45 trillion USD from UK, how many will die? What would be their life style? What kind of diseases will spread? How many untouchable will be created?

    These are very fundamental Question which non of us as ever asked to our historian? Why? This is the very reason, why Ambedkar couldn't provide any single authentic evidence of exploitation of before 1830s. NOT one.Further, I would like to that the oldest citation which Ambedkar could provide for NOT allowing anyone into Temple, was from Jagannath temple in 1807(or 1806). Interestingly,he ignored the fact the tax was imposed on this temple by british, those having no money was no allowed

    Once he failed in providing any evidence. Then he went to study our Shastras which were written in english by employees of Eat India Company, as he had no mastery in Sanskrit language. As a result of which he went in describe Shudras as Menial Ref. Who were shudra by Ambedkar

    Did you know, Ambedkar did not even read the Original Manusmriti, Wait, how can anyone even read Smriti? Well, according to Ambedkar himself, it wasn't Manu's smriti, it was some Bhagwa's smriti. Then why the hell did he burn copy of Manusmriti?

    Social problems are a problem in every Society,It has gor nothing to do with Hinduism. In coming 50-60 years,DALITS will get all their rights.,There is discrimination n oppression but Hindus are working to resolve them.They should look at larer picture here,They will get their rights only if India is

    the society progresses and people belonging to differnt JATIS prosper,differences between people will become less,people will migrate n freuently marry each other.They have to move beyond Ambedkar ..SC/ST are useful for Islamists or evangelists simply as an attack on Hindus.Seculars don't care for them at all, but only serve as sepoys for #ChristoIslamic agenda.Islamists in India like Owaisi and Shehla claim to "fight for dalits." But their only aim is to use them as fodder for their politics. Dalits will fare *much* worse in any Islamic takeover.Pak,Bang is proof.

    Ambedkarites claim today that BJP and Hindu society will be run on manusmriti which is a complete propaganda and fraud .manusmriti(MS) was never admitted as a law text at any point of Time in Indian society.Eg- Chanakya wrote his own Arthashastra to govern Mauryan Kingdom . MS was legalized by the British and enforced on Hindus and the slogan by ambedkarites that Desh Manuvad se chal raha hai is wrong and farce
    Ambedkar image is not what it is being made out today.the claim that ambedkar gave education rights to people is wrong on many places.
    Many countries got independence from colonial powers in late 20 century,along with India,India was not an exception.The Modern day nation states running on democracy is a recent day creation.Universal Education to people is a modern day concept.this was not given by Ambedkar. Ambedkar never made the Indian Constitution.The Current Indian Constitution is based on Govt of India Act of 1935 passed by BRITISH.

    Indian constitution was first drafted by Benegal Narsingh Rao. Then by 300 great scholars which also included 15 women. Then it was handwritten by perm Bihari Narain Raizada. Finally it was compiled by Ambedkar in one Book form.Let the whole truth come out

    Dr.Rajendra Prasad was the founder of constituent assembly (which was proposed by M.N.Roy ) and also he was president of the assembly.The constituent assembly had 299 members and there were 22 committes ,each committee had a chairman and collectively all of them were headed by Dr.Rajendra Prasad.Dr Bhimrao Ramaji Ambedkar was chairman of one committee among 22,that's called drafting committee.he was not the only person who wrote the whole constitution ,others role cannot be neglected, specially of Dr.Rajendra Prasad who founded constituent assembly and was captain of the team ,you can call Ambedkar as Man of the match or of series,but only captain have the authority to receive the world cup . You can call Ambedkar as uncle of the constitution but father of the constitution is Dr.Rajendra Prasad.

    Additionally, Indian Constitution has taken various features from other constitutions, yet we think that our constitution was his idea:

    The concepts of liberty, equality and fraternity were taken from the French Constitution. The idea of 5 year plans was taken from the USSR and the concept of socio-economic rights was taken from Ireland. Most importantly, the law on which the Supreme Court works was taken from Japan. There are many other concepts that have been borrowed from other countries.[3]

    PROOF From AMBEDKAR himself where he accepts that he didnt make constitution -

    Subhash Chandra Gautam's answer to Who wrote Indian Constitution? Was Dr BR Ambedkar really the architect of Indian Constitution?

    Br ambedkar writing and speech vol no 28, 29, 30

    Ambedkar’s hate for Hinduism is well known, yet his scathing indictment on Hinduism never finds a mention in our history textbooks. A religion which supported him in his pursuit of his foreign education (which was sponsored by Princely State of Baroda), a community which bestowed him a huge responsibility to draft a constitution, a religion/ community which recognized him, loved him and made him a leader, yet in the end he converted to Buddhism [4]by ridiculing the whole Hinduism.

    As True Indology revealed,America was formed to convert India into Christianity.Ambedkar went to study in Columbia University which was established by Christians and had preconceived notions n biases against Hinduism.In 1915,one should study this country's attitude against Blacks n Jews,than can wonder about Hinduism.This Universitywas a hub of Hinduphobia today,one can imagine its condition at 1915's. Castes in India: Their Mechanism, Genesis and Development was a paper read by B. R. Ambedkar at an anthropological seminar of Alexander Goldenweiser in New York on 9 May 1916.In the same year, Ambedkar was awarded a PhD degree by Columbia University on this topic..In the paper, Ambedkar made a presentation a social phenomenon that emerged from the strategy of the Brahmins who adopted a strictlyendogamous matrimonial regime, leading the other groups to do the same in order to emulate this self-proclaimed elite. He said that "the superposition of endogamy on exogamy means the creation of caste".But the ideas he presented in the paper were definitely inspired by ideas he got during study from his Christian Marxist Professors.These are the West Caricatures on Hinduismwhich he wrote,Ambedkar's entire approach was wrong.This entire model which he studied Hinduism was a Colonial construct of Hinduism.

    He lead the revival of classical Buddhism in India, albeit giving it somewhat of a semitic twist,which was compeltely at odd with Dharmic traditions,It was a western concept of Religion which was not applicable to neither Hinduism,Buddhism.Buddhism n Buddha is intellectual copyright property of Hindus n Hinduism .It was Hindu ashoka who spread Buddhism.Now People are afraid to admit that Ambedkar was wrong.
    Edward Said has highlighted this in his book Orientalism

    Any anti british, anti colonialism comments from Babasaheb? What were his views on genocidal famines n droughts caused during Mughal n British rule which ravaged n destroyed many Hindu JAATIS?, What were his views on the criminal tribes bill passed by British in 1970 which destroyed numerous Hindu Jaatis?, on british army rape of Indian women?, on the British loot from India?

    One eg-This letter from East India Company(VOC) says 74 Lakh people died in famine caused by Mughal invasion and destruction of crops in Gujarat, Malwa, Deccan(1630-32). When India was facing one of its biggest famines, Shah Jahan began making Taj Mahal in the same year at 4.18 crores

    A Dam was a bronze coin and it was the daily income of an average peasant family of India.40 Bronze Dams equaled one silver rupee. One silver rupee fetched 280 Kgs of rice.Taj Mahal was built at the cost of 4.18 crore silver rupees when 74 lakh people were dying for want of food

    This is just one case which is recorded,There are many cases which needs to be investigated.

    Famines n Droughts caused during Christian Pirates aka BRITISH rule which ravaged n destroyed Hindu Society

    Timeline of Major Famines in India during British Rule

    Famines in British ruled India: Their Causes and Consequences

    This is just one eg of how many Hindu JATIS were destroyed and later they were grouped together into DALITS


    DHARMIC JIGYASU's answer to What is the History of Dalits? Were they created during long Mughal n British Rule?

    Not only he distorted the history of jatis in India by inventing his own delusions, but he also invented an entirely different history and meaning of Buddhism, known as Navayana and projected Buddhism as social justice and egalitarian movement against the Brahminical order.

    In 1935, He had unequivocally announced that he was born as a Hindu but will never die as a Hindu which ultimately resulted in his conversion to his own invented Buddhism after 2 decades. During the conversion, his 22 vows had little to do with Buddhism but repudiation of Dharma.

    For example, he prohibited his new converts from honoring Hindu gods such as Vishnu, Rama, Krishna, etc. as well as the performance of Hindu rituals such as shraddha and others. Here is one of his vow.,

    "I renounce Hinduism, which disfavors humanity and impedes the advancement and development of humanity because it is based on inequality, and adopt Buddhism as my religion."

    This separatist trend of Dalit movement which envisions to project Dalit as a separate social category, independent of Hinduism & taking away all the scheduled castes from its fold & forming a broad alliance with Christian converts was started by himself.

    Even in his writing, he didn't consider untouchables to be the part of Hinduism and their welfare was possible only if they were rescued from the clutch of evil Hinduism.

    The biggest joke which Ambedkar created was NAVYANA which was a radical interpretation of Buddhism having nothing to do with either Buddhism or Buddha. He rejected the integral elements of Buddhism such as belief in karma and rebirth, nirvana, meditation, 4 noble truths, etc

    Without which Buddhism isn't anything but a compendium of social injunctions developed over centuries. He rejected Hinayana, Mahayana and Vajrayana as well because apparently these streams were fabricated by the evil Brahmins later.

    Inspired from the European history where the Protestant movement was a revolt against the authority of the Roman Catholic Church, he conceptualized Buddhism as a revolt against the Brahminical social order. However, the reality was completely different.Contrary to Ambedkar's assertion that Buddhism was the only religion fit for a scientific society, the historical evidence doesn't support any such nonsense.

    In the unpublished preface of 'The Buddha and His Dhamma', Ambedkar writes that his father made him compulsorily read Ramayana and Mahabharata but he didn't like any character of these epics. In his own words, Krishna and Rama were frauds while Bhima and Drona were hypocrites.

    The alleged scholar wasn't capable of understanding the characters of itihasas then I doubt he had the capabilities to understand anything complex. This also gives an important clue for us though.

    His father, a traditional Hindu, made his children read what other Hindus usually do but what do Ambedkar and his progenies do Exactly like Ambedkar, they abhor everything related to Dharma, joins hands with the enemies of Dharma, ....belittles Dharma in the public discourse, the sacred texts of ours are reduced to the pamphlets of discrimination and inequality while paving the path for the conversion to Christianity because Navayana was nothing more than the Christianity without Jesus in its outlook.If we still keep on venerating Ambedkar, we can be sure of our children imbibing the values the same as Ambedkar and leading to the demise of Dharma ultimately.

    To summarize

    Mughal n British Rule were characterised by

    -Epidemics n Deadly Plagues
    Massive Droughts n Famines
    MAssive Looting of Wealth,Money,Gold
    Destruction of all Traditional Instituions
    Santching of Lands from many Hindu JAATIS which today come under SC like JAATAVS,MAHARS,MANGS,PASIS,CHARMKARS through Mansabdari n Zamindari system by Muslims n British resp.
    massive Genocide of Hindus incl. Destruction of Towns,villages,cities
    Destruction of Lakes,Ponds,water reservoirs
    Destruction of LAKHS of Temples and Pushing of Hindu JAATIS into leather work during Muslim Rule

    Internalization of Beating n Discrimination by Hindus which they suffered at hands of both Muslims n British,such that Hindus started treating their own fellow Hindus(SC) like that

    There were atleast 5-6 waves of CHOLERA in INDIA during 1810-1920 period due to which Untouchability became to be practised widely throughout INDIA as there were no antibiotics than,as a result of which,Many People became Scheduled Casted which the Colonialists n MArxists ommited.To give a eg-The 19th century epidemic killed at least 10 million people in India, which would roughly be 5%? There were 4 cholera epidemics in India in the 19th and early 20th century, how many died is unknown.

    India was not given the chance to formulate its own Laws.A division was created into Hindu Mind that Hindus cannot mind their own country.and that India will be run on Manusmriti and that certain Hindu JATIS which were labelled as Dalits by BRITISH (CHURCH was behind this) will be kept as Slaves,This was a sinister propaganda done to weaken Hindu Minds so that they develop self hatred to convert Hindus into Christianity.

    Question - But if There never was any Caste System until British created it in first place,since We had Varna-Jaati System which was fluid,dynamic n interdependent not in a hierarchy as i Claim than

    Why dont than different Jaatis marry amon themselves ?????

    Response-Why should they .Marriage – we prefer to marry with our own social, linguistic and cultural groups and those families with whom we share common, values, customs and traditions.This thing can be observed among every Civilization,every living species.

    Even After converting to Islam,The different Tribes in Saudi Arabia still marry among their circles only even today

    Question - I am denied Entry into a Hindu Temple Response - What is the fault of Hinduism here,Contact local Hindu Group or you can build your own temple and become a priest - no questions asked today all prayogas (ritual manuals) with instructions are available from Giri Trading company, Chaukhamba, Gita Press Gorakhpur etc. In local languages with instructions.

    Those who want to bring stories of 1000 years of discrimination

    I have very simple response-You cannot judge a society of 3000 years ago by our modern values. Freedom is a post-modern concept. Every society is in transition and evolving. 200 years ago the British transported women who stole potatoes to feed their starving children, to Australia for 7 -8 years. people were hanged in England for stealing anything above 40 pounds in value. The British had a very rigorous class system. Gays have been outcasts in European society till 50 years ago.It was after the invasions and the colonization that the stratification got really bad. Heck, when Marco Polo visited India in the 13th century, he said that both men and women walked around more or less naked and it was not considered anything. He was pretty puritanical and pissy about it. Then came the Islamic invasions, mass rape and worse - then women had to cover head to toe and restrictions increased over time to the point many communities didn’t allow their womenfolk to go outside due to the danger then it became a “custom”. Now we are called “conservative” for that. Oh the irony.

    Those who ask try to argue that one's birth cannot be the criterion for the choice of one's work. Should we continue with the philosophy of birth driven fate in this world? If they are considered as age old practices that perpetuate ignominy in our culture, why not the caretakers of our religion should declare it null and void.

    Well, send yourself back in a time machine - before government sponsored public education. How would a person get an education or learn a trade? It was from their fathers or their family. So priests son’s were priests, carpenter’s sons were carpenters etc.Nowadays everyone gets education and few people follow their traditional professions and everyone can follow a career of their choosing, therefore judging a person by their birth is wrong and should be condemned at every level.But registering a person’s caste on their ID card only reinforces and perpetuates the patriarchal hierarchical caste system.

    MARK MY WORDS-Sooner or later,Hindus will have to face their ultimate Nemesis ,may be 10years or 20 years but they will have to face it.Without defeating this man ideology,Hindus can never become Truly independent .This is for certain,His views on Hinduism are the views of a rabid Hindu hating Christian Evalengical bigot and they will have to be encountered,

    Here is my COUNTER NO 1 -

    These kind of discriminations existed in every Society n Civilization n Culture at that times.Anybody can look this from China,Japan,Korea,Africa,America To European Societies. All these societies reformed by themselves becoz there was no Foreign entity reforming them. The main Problem is Hindus were never given the chance to correct things. by their own,Instead People who destroyed India made rules n labels for Indians ,

    Castes in a Global Perspective - Is Caste Only a Hindu Problem? (Part 6) - ChakraNews.com

    Ambedkar did not look at the Condition of Hindu society which was very poor with abject poverty among masses.he did not consider this fact. that India was under Muslim n Chrsitian rule for 1000 years.The Mobility between different Varna n Jatis was reduced after Islamic invasions .The Britishers made it officially static.Atleast some time should have been given to Hindus for Reform.Did Ambedkar not notice the Reform Movements which Hindus were running like Arya Samaj,Brahmo Samaj etc Tell me in Europe too The majority of the population were serfs and were exploited, down trodden and lived in abject poverty while the Christian clergy and nobles lived in extravagant luxury.why they did not left Christianity.The Blacks were persecuted n were forced into slavery ,But they did not leave Christianity in America n Africa.The Arabs never considered Asian Muslims as Equals.and exploited them.Why they did not left Islam. Why so partiality with Hinduism.India was suffering from abject poverty at that times .Millions of people died in Famines every year .Islamic rule had already ravaged India ,It destroyed lakhs of temples.its indigenous education centres,. .L NEHRU said this The impact of the invaders from the north-west and of Islam on India had been considerable. It had pointed out and shone up the abuses that had crept into Hindu society -the petrification of caste, untouchability, exclusiveness carried to fantastic lengths. Jawaharlal Nehru, wrote in his book Discovery of India, 1946 p. 218.

    Ambedkar created a new form of Buddhism with his 22 vows. Is this not a FRAUD.Can anybody accept Islam or Christianity by creating new Conditions. How was he allowed to do this.He rejected the concept of God But When one studies and translates the Sutras - Mahayana, Hinayana and Vajrayana.they realize that almost everything written about Buddhism is Fake News - including the claim He denied Atma or that Buddhism is a Nastik ,this not Fraudery


    For a Society to function,u need different people who have different abilities,aptitudes,skills to contrribute in society..Hinduism is the oldest religion on earth that is min. 5000 years old. Origins of Varna system. Compare old world with todays modern world n u will get why at that point of time Varna system maked Sense .It was made when then there were no formal training centers for any particular profession in India,In Ancient times,There was no car,train,or any such modern equipment that we use today.I am talking about a time when there was no car,planes,trains,electricity,Internet etc

    Suppose your father was a blacksmith, so at the age of 6, the moment you were ready, you started playing around with the hammer and anvil. By the time you were 8, your father saw that you anyway wanted to hit it, so it was better to hit it with some purpose. By the time you were 12, you were on the ,the time you were 18 or 20, you had some craft and expertise on your hand to make your own living. So if your father was a blacksmith, you became a blacksmith; if your father was a goldsmith, you became a goldsmith. Each profession developed its own training centers within the family structure because that was the only training center; all the craft, professionalism and skills in the society could only evolve like this. If you are a blacksmith, you do not try to go and do a goldsmith's job, you just do a blacksmith's job because we need a blacksmith in the society. When people multiplied and became a thousand blacksmiths, naturally they had their own way of eating, their own way of marriage and their own way of doing things, so they formed a caste. There is really nothing wrong with it if you look at it on one level. It was just a certain arrangement of convenience for the society. Between a blacksmith and a goldsmith, the kind of hammer they use, how they work, how they look what and how they eat, everything was naturally distinctly different because the type of work was very different. It is over a period of time that it became a means for exploitation. We started saying that a man who runs the temple is better than a man who runs the school. A man who runs the school is better than a man who runs the blacksmith shop. These are differences,everybody has to do something. But we established differences as discriminations over a period of time. If we had just maintained the difference, we would have been a nice, colorful culture; but we made it discriminatory. These kind of discriminations existed in every Society n Civilization n Culture at that times.Anybody can look this from China,Japan,Korea,To European Societies. http://chakranews.com/castes-in-a-global-perspective-is-caste-only-a-hindu-problem-part-6/3243/… …

    All these societies reformed by themselves becoz there was no Foreign entity reforming them. The main Problem is Hindus were never given the chance to correct things by their own,Instead People who destroyed India made rules n labels for Indians ,What a JOKE it is.

    SJW only judge Hinduism with modern standards dismissing that the colonial constructs like Caste-based discrimination and “untouchability” are purely social evils not accepted or recognized anywhere in the Hindu scriptural tradition. Caste is not unique to India or to Hinduism. It has been found in near all societies from china,japan,korea,,australia,Europe,north america, to Islamic world and in all religions in one form or another.

    It is like comparing The attitudes and beliefs of agriculturalists of 2000 years ago n present ones.Hinduism has undergone and is still undergoing change and reformation continually. Old beliefs and traditions have long ago been thrown out and new interpretations have been given according to time and place.Since Hinduism is not a “revealed” religion there is absolutely no reason why Hindus cannot change or modify traditions and customs according to time and place.Even the Hindu Texts advise us to abandon any social custom or tradition or practice which the people find to be offensive.

    A lot of History is concocted by Britishers n Marxists Historians.leftist version of Marxist History has to be countered -which will not survive in Internet age 300 BC Book Indica by Megasthenes dispel Colonial Caste Theories about India.

    300 BC Book 'Indica' by Megasthenes Dispels Caste Theories of India

    There are also Positive Quotes by Foreign Travellers on India-History of India-Quotes https://en.wikiquote.org/wiki/History_of_India…


    It is given in book The India They Saw (Vol-1)

    Buy The India They Saw (Vol-1) Book Online at Low Prices in India

    Contrary to the notion that pre-British education in India was the exclusive domain of Brahmins, British records themselves indicate that elementary education was accessible to all

    Deadly distortions of Colonial Rule- Notes from 'A Ruler's Gaze' by Arvind Sharma- I | IndiaFacts

    There is a book written by Dharampal on Indigenous Education Centres in Ancient India The Educational Heritage of Ancient India: How an Ecosystem of Learning Was Laid to Waste

    Buy The Educational Heritage of Ancient India: How an Ecosystem of Learning Was Laid to Waste Book Online at Low Prices in India

    Ambedkar was never a real Buddhist. He denied that rebirth, karma, and the Four Noble Truths are part of Buddhadharma, and he also introduced a number of bogus extra vows, that were never part of Buddhist Refuge vows.

    MY PERSONAL CRITICISM - People who ask Ambedkar lived in an era where Dalits couldn't drink water from common wells, can't enter temples etc. His thinking would have been channelled by the hurt he faced.

    My RESPONSE - At that time, each community was in worst situation. But not all of them supported British government. Congress under the leadership of Gandhi ji was gaining momentum in its course of striving for freedom, the mass of India was with them, and this heavy mass which was batting for India’s freedom was immense enough to tremble the British government. To aid British, Ambedkar thought of a creative idea. He divided the people (who were protesting against British) into ‘caste’ fragments. Ambedkar projected such an image to Britishers that the heavy mass of people demanding India’s freedom consists of only governing class (Brahmin and Baniya). He said, "In the light of what has been said, it will be found that the Fight for Freedom led by the governing class is, from the point of view of servile classes, a selfish, if not a shame,struggle. The freedom which the governing class in India is struggling for is freedom to rule the servile classes." Ambedkar used to refer “Brahmin and Baniya” class as “governing class”. For reference check: Dr. BABASAHEB AMBEDKAR : WRITINGS AND SPEECHES, Vol 9, p.168.

    This is a thread on B.R. Ambedkar who in his entire life never participated in a single freedom struggle movement. Ambedkar opposed India’s freedom. B.R. Ambedkar remained a servant of Britain, opposed India's freedom, abused our Dharma and Bhagavān, promoted caste hatred etc.

    The degree of India’s misfortune is such that people of India have now begun to consider BR Ambedkar, a freedom fighter, which is much contradictory to the truth. Source :- Worshipping False Gods: Ambedkar, and the Facts which Have Been Erased, Book by Arun Shourie, Page No. 408

    Ambedkar opposed India's freedom in his letter to Prime Minster of British India by stating that depressed classes (lower classes) are not anxious for transfer of power (India's independence). Source : Writings and speeches of Ambedkar, Vol. IX. pp. 66

    Ambedkar was a British agent He was supposed to lead a 'Dalitistan' 'British had the design to create Pakistan (the idea was expressed in 1930 by Iqbal), Khalistan of Tara Singh, Dalitstan of Ambedkar, and a number of tribal homelands so that there would not be any united India

    In this effort of British Ambedkar supported the creation of Pakistan. 'The Muslims, Christians Sikhs and the Mongoloid tribal (NE tribes) are all in great pain. We Dalits share their pain and suffer with them and offer our full support for their struggle of self-determination

    Did you know he even delivered seperatist lectures with Jinnah? Yes he shared the stage of 'Pakistan creation'! Jai Bhim Jai Meme is not new

    What was the reward he expected? If Dalitistan becomes reality he would've been it's representative. He wrote letters to British for formation of 'Mahar regiment' and wanted to be it's 'commander' See his intentions??

    See how British saw him when he toed their lines at conference, British secretary writes- 'Loyal Dog' Good boi

    We all saw NE states becoming Christians and anti-hindu (anti-india) Nagaland alone became from 0% to 98% christian from (1920-2000, just 80 years) And Ambedkar had a role in this paap too. A law similar to pattalagadhi was invoked that created art. 370 like situation in NE

    Rohini Kumar Chaudhuri, the rep. of Assam opposed this special treatment thing He predicted that NE will erupt in seperatism and he was right Read He says before arrival of British Nagas etc were friendly How NE states were Xtianised by Brits, later by this 'special' status

    "These tribal areas were kept as a close preserve by the Brits. Therefore, only Christian missionaries were allowed to visit those areas. No other people were allowed to migrate to these areas except with the permission of the authorities" 'Ambedkar is doing the same thing''

    Why Ambedkar did so many Anti-India and Anti-Hindu actions ?? Because he never wanted to achieve Dalit equality within Hindu framework. He was a seperatist figure.

    His hatred for Hindus can be seen in his books, his 22 vows that he took in Pune and his Neo-BUDDHISM which has nothing to do with Buddhism

    After Partion he played Buddhism card to fuel himself, what every separatist does he tried to make a new identify using Buddhism So 'His Buddhism' has nothing to do with 'Buddhism' Buddhist magazine 'Mahabodhi termed his book 'Bhuddha and his Dharma' as a dangerous book.

    When nothing materialized and British were leaving, Ambedkar panicked He pleaded to Gandhi with folded hands to give him seat in the first cabinet, same Gandhi whom he used to call names all his life

    When nothing materialized and British were leaving, Ambedkar panicked He pleaded to Gandhi with folded hands to give him seat in the first cabinet, same Gandhi whom he used to call names all his life

    Ambedkar then joined the Congress in 1946, smelling that British would be out and he had to kiss the feet of his new master, the Congress party. There is one more twist though

    In the Constituent Assembly, Ambedkar was included by the British as a repre- sentative of the low-caste Bengalis of Calcutta, although Ambedkar had nothing to do with the Bengalis. British made his entry possible and there he was rendering his services to his masters

    He joined defense advisory committee in 1941 These were times when a man made famine took lives of 5-6 million in Bengal, National movement going on and Azad Hind fauz and Navy men getting executed. And He was saying 'British must not leave India' (46)

    I was reading somewhere that Chandrashekhar Azad travelled 200km on foot (Prayag to Kanpur) in the scorching sun of Jeth to avoid police. Ambedkar, a return from Bidesh supported Brits and used all his might for them, called 'Azadi movement' a fraud.This was not some hidden secret, all these stories of Ambedkar's puppetry was in common knowledge till late 80s. After late 80s When Communists were loosing relevance Dalit politics rose and traitors became heroes to everybody, from RW to LW

    B.R. Ambedkar not once in his life demanded for India's freedom but always reminded British that Bristish Rule is possible because of the help of untouchables, so it's their duty to work specifically for their welfare. Source :- Writings & speeches of Ambedkar, Vol X, pp. 496.

    Ambedkar himself acknowledged that his first priority is to strive for "untouchables". "Striving for India" is secondary. Such people have been awarded with "Bharat Ratna


    Ambedkar opposed India's Freedom in every possible way. He went on to call our Freedom Struggle "a dishonest agitation" and said that untouchables are not part of it. Ambedkar did everything possible to snatch away India's Freedom. Source : WRITINGS AND SPEECHES, Vol 9, p.178

    B.R.Ambedkar as a member of viceroy's council, to impress his British masters, made every attempt to ensure that our freedom struggle gets failed. Conversation between Linlithgow and Mr. Amery reflects also reflects that he was working just the way which suited British agenda.

    In 1927, Ambedkar burnt Manusmriti. The main aim of shouting against Manusmriti are vested interests. Foremost being securing the Dalit Votes. Next is to prove oneself as secularist. Imbecile nincompoop ambedkarites have never ever flipped a single page of what Manusmriti says.

    Ambedkar wanted to burn Constitution. We should stop calling him "father of constitution". He said: "my friends tell me that I made the Constitution. But I am quite prepared to say that I shall be the first person to burn it out." Source :- Dr. Ambedkar: Life and Mission, p.449

    Ambedkar conspired with Jinnah and Periyar for the formation of Dalitistan and Dravidistan along with East and West Pakistan. B.R. Ambedkar had another two dozen peers who drafted the Indian constitution and took the sole credit and that too just for copying British India act.

    Sardar Patel knew that Ambedkar is a threat to India. Hence, he expressed his concern that the followers of Ambedkar shall not succeed [in coming election]. Out of 151 seats for Dalits, Ambedkar just won one. Source : Sardar Patel’s Correspondence, Durga Das, Vol 2, pp.344-345

    Ambedkar promoted caste hatred. HH Sayaji rao Gaikwad of erstwhile state of Baroda financed Ambedkar's education in India, England and even in America. His Brahmin Teacher gave his surname to him in Charity and he appropriated Brahman Surname because of his inferiority complex.

    If Hindu Raj does become a fact, it will no doubt, be the greatest calamity for this country. No matter what the Hindus say, Hinduism is a menace to liberty, equality and fraternity. On that account it is incompatible with democracy. Hindu Raj must be prevented at any cost.”Source – Ambedkar , Pakistan or Partition of India, p.354 and p.355

    Ambedkar criticised Islam few times but he insulted Hinduism, our scripture and our Bhagavān (especially Ram & Krishna) 100 times more than Islam in his book 'Riddles in Hinduism'. Claim of Ambedkar is totally baseless. There are number of followers of Bhagavān Rama and Krishna.When Ambedkar served British Govt. as labour Minister during same time British Govt. starved millions of Indians. He was the one who was cheering & backing British Raj when India was struggling for its independence. He even accepted hold position of member in Viceroy's council.

    In a nutshell -

    expose him as we go along this thread... -Claims of Freedom Fighter. -Jinnah Protege -Hatred for Sanatan Dharma. -British Bootlicker. -Fake Author of Constitution. -Divider in Chief. -FRAUD.

    Never participated in a SINGLE activity related to Freedom Struggle but cheered every setback. His letter to AV Alexander Of Cabinet Mission, pleading with British of their ‘moral responsibility ‘ towards SCs. Asserts that ‘Untouchables Won India for British’.

    Most virulently anti Freedom for India ! His letters, writings are all anti India, prior to 1947. He did the bidding for his White Masters, sowing seeds of Caste Conflict in India, ably supported by Jinnah !

    After performing disastrously in the 1937 elections, British who had pinned hopes on Ambedkar writes about him...

    “ Dr Ambedkar’s boast of winning... looks like being falsified “ (Lord Brabourne, Governor of Bombay Presidency) Yet, some RW going gaga over Ambedkar !

    Congress Ministries resigned in 1939 after British failed to apprise them of Post War settlement. Who celebrated the Deliverance Day along with #Mulla_League & Jinnah, our own Bharat Ratna, #Ambedkar ! He never left an opportunity to align with Jinnah against Freedom Struggle

    Freedom Struggle in his words “ movement is ‘unnecessary, sham, a hoax to fool the people of India “ ! Gandhi’s movement is “unjustified” simply coz, according to Ambedkar “ British don’t want to stay, don’t want to rule & are anxious to leave “ Goes on a harangue !

    Plays his Divider in Chief card with aplomb ! Using Untouchables ( incidentally, SCs never accepted him in his lifetime) Calls Freedom Struggle a “ dishonest agitation “ ! Coz, his British Masters are just receivers & waiting to hand over

    British Stooge to the Core !

    Just ponder how unfortunate India is! The man who opposed India’s independence is now Bharat Ratna. Not just “Bharat Ratna” but unfortunately, India’s most worshipped icon. He did much more harm. Admiring Ambedkar is most stupid thing to do. Indians should stop worshipping him.

    The Ideas like Brahmanism,Dalit,Bahujan which have come up since 1980's to divide Hindu Society by Socialists (aka commmunists) during Mandal movement(This was the same time when Ambedkar was elevated,His status was suddenly elevated and i am 100% sure that this was done on initiation of West) are actual the brainchild of Christian Think tanks which originated in WEST and percolated into India through Indian LEFT.But we have been late to counter these,so necessary steps have to be taken to counter them. We need to come up with Tactful apologetics

    The Bizarre thing I have noticed in India is that almost every Big leader like Nehru n Gandhi have been criticized in severe terms.Even Rama,Buddha n Krishna have been criticized.But this Ambedkar guy has been made into some form of sacrosanct which people r afraid to criticize.The truth is He was made leader of Dalits and later Bahujans were added.Majority of Dalits never considered this guy as their leader n never voted or supported him.That is why he never won any Elections.

    Hindus were never even in power for last 1000 years. How are they blamed .This has got to be the Million Dollar Question.

    Viewpoint: How the British reshaped India's caste system

    book-written by Sitaram Goel -Defence of Hindu society


    Ankur Chauhan's answer to Who is the most overrated person in History?

    Ambedkar’s Role in Framing Constitution a Myth: Ram Bhahadur Rai

    Father of the Indian Constitution, Dr Ambedkar, Wanted to Burn It


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