HINDU LEFT/RIGHT Topics in Hinduism

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    There is no Hindu Right, Hindu Extremist ,Hindu Conservatism ,Hindu Fundamentalist or even Chauvinist . these all are Abrahamic templates which are mapped into Hinduism ,

    To understand this deeply -The terms "left" and "right" were coined during the French Revolution of 1789 when members of the National Assembly divided into supporters of the king to the president's right and supporters of the revolution to his left. The "constitutionals" sat in the centre while independents sat on the left.They then came to designate the division between capitalists/conservatives - right and the progressives/socialists/communists - left .

    These are political designators not religious and certainly cannot sensibly be applied to Hinduism . Hinduism is not monolithic and is a co-op or consortium of several different religions and sects. All have different standards, values, customs, hierarchies etc.So whenPeople speak of the “Hindu right” what exactly do they mean? If they wish to indicate “conservative” - then which sect are they talking about? Which philosophical system? Which community? Who is the representative of all Hindus? Who is the pontiff? Which is the steering committee? Who determines what “Hindus” should believe and what political views they should hold?So Hindu right and

    Hindu left are nonsense terms which convey no useful information whatsoever. the ChristoIslam is Fighting in a manner which is called -Art of fighting Without Fighting 

    Hindutva - is defined by the dictionary as Hindu conservatism and advocation of a “Hindu way of Life.”Given the complex diversity under the catchall term “Hindu” one wonders what exactly constitutes a “Hindu-way-of-life”?There is no template or head-office or CEO or Secretariat or Dear Leader or Dictatorial Sky-guy who can decide what it is or what the KPI’s are, or who will enforce compliance. Where are the God Given Commands ,

    There is no official “Hindu” position on anything but rather multiple and disparate opinions. Under the umbrella of Hinduism there are sects and traditions which are contradictory to each other and some are in sync with each other. So there is nothing general and definitive which can be said about Hinduism. Hinduism has no single authority when it comes to religious scriptures/philosophy.

    So ,bad practices or any accusations on Hinduism will be cultural not religious.

    Hindutva is a cleverly invented world to dilute Evangelism n Islamism.Both Islam n Christianity have clear-cut stated goals of conquering the World n converting everyone whereas Hinduism doesnot. So ,Hindutva is Hinduism that resists. So,how it gets a -ve connotation

    Hindutva is a nonsense term like Islamophobia — these are terms which have been invented to over simplify social phenomena and give them a negative spin in order to shutdown open and critical debate.Hindutva is being broadly applied to anyone who defends Hinduism and Hindu  culture and has the connotation of being reactionary and regressive. Muslims n Christians know that the Hindutva organizations are harmless. Why in that case do they demonize the Hindutva organizations and leaders? They do so because Hindutva is the only Hindu movement which could mobilize the Hindu masses to some degree. Our opponents understand that once the Hindus learn to self-organize and become proud of their Hindu identity ,their game will be over . They do not fear caste organizations because they fail to create a pan-Hindu cohesiveness and even impede the evolution of such cohesiveness. In contrast, Hindutva provides a pan-Hindu plank that transcends caste, regional, and linguistic boundaries from which political activism can be, and has been, launched.


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