SC/ST Act n CISCO Case Topics in Hinduism

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    Does the so called 'Hindu American Foundation' truly represent Hindu Indians? If they do, why would they go against the decision of the CSU System Board of Trustees in deciding to criminalize 'Caste' based discrimination?

    I have no idea what the rational for their decision is, but to criminalise something one needs mechanisms in place to prosecute and convict and to apply sanctions. And one also needs to confirm and affirm that such discrimination in fact exists and is problematic.

    So how does one go about proving “caste-based” discrimination or any other form of racial or gender discrimination?

    If I apply for a job and am rejected in favour of some other candidate how do we go about proving that I was discriminated against because of some religious, racial, gender or class/caste criteria?

    The basis of British legal system is innocent until proven guilty, but with identity politics the onus of proof is being reversed and the accused now has to prove his/her innocence.

    As an employer I should be able to hire or fire whoever I wish, based on my business model requirements, conditions and terms of employment.

    Discrimination is notoriously hard to prosecute and to prove and ends up destroying people’s careers and businesses based on hearsay and rumour and “feelings” - so one would agree with the Hindu American Foundation.



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