CATTLE Lynching n Hate Speech by some Hindu Gurus History of Hindu Religion

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    Another Muslim has been lynched to death by Hindus in India for allegedly stealing cattle. Does the Indian government even issue a statement against such crimes?

    The report on the case can be found here.

    Fifty-year-old man lynched in Bihar’s Araria over cattle theft suspicion

    'We are questioning villagers to identify the attackers; an FIR has been lodged against unknown persons: said Fulkaha police station in-charge



     A 50 year old man, who happened to have a Muslim name was beaten to death for stealing cattle when caught in the act. If he had a Hindu or Christian name do you think the villagers would have welcomed him, sat him down and served him tea and pakoras?

    I’m sure that stealing the cattle of Hindus is not a religious duty or obligation for Muslims.

    In India, court cases can take decades and so most often justice is administered immediately by the villagers themselves. Indian thieves and robbers (whatever their names) know this full-well and have factored the risk into their business model.

    Crime is crime no matter who it is committed by - the Anti-India, Hinduphobic lobby gleefully use these unfortunate incidents as propaganda to denigrate India and Hinduism.

    Every cattle thief with a Muslim name is now a Shaheed!


    Let us not erase the difference between blasphemy law and cattle stealing.

    Stealing the cattle of Hindus is not a religious duty or obligation for Muslims.They may be thinking it a religious duty as well as Hindu doubles as Kafir .This incident happened in bihar, the villagers are very uneducated and areas are divided along religious lines 

    Though it is Indian immigrants that are enjoying the most job and employment opportunities in Muslim countries, isn't it ironic of Indian politicians to call for genocide of Muslims in India?

    Indians enjoy best jobs and opportunities in Muslim countries because they have the best qualifications which the local people do not posses. Not only In Muslim countries also in America Hindus are second only to the Jews in terms of household income - which is directly related to education.

    Are Indian politicians ALL calling for the genocide of Muslims?

    “genocide noun – the deliberate killing of a large number of people from a particular nation or ethnic group with the aim of destroying that nation or group.”

    Really? India is a democracy we are led to believe, so if a coterie of radical extremist politicians is demanding the ethnic cleansing of 20% of the population then the voters should cancel them at the next elections. And knowing the calibre of Muslims, such attempts at ethnic cleansing would not be met with any passivity and India will erupt into a civil war.

    These few odious politicians do not represent Hinduism and in 2024 you may cast your vote.

    And by the way according to Dharma Shastra it is strictly forbidden for a sanyāsi to have anything to do with politics, and the vow of every sanyāsi is to never be the cause of fear to any living being. So wearing saffron and making these outrageous statements is an offence against the very principles of Dharma.

    After having given away all his property as a sacrificial gift, and having vowed not to harm any living creature, he may depart from his home [and become a sanyasi]. (Srimad Bhagavatam 11:18:45)

    A sanyasi must bear abuse patiently. He must treat no one with contempt. (Vishnu Smriti 96:19,20

    And for those who claim to manuvādis -

    Manu Chapter 6 Rules for Sanyāsis

    47. Let him patiently bear hard words, let him not insult anybody, and let him not become anybody's enemy for the sake of this (perishable) body.

    48. Against an angry man let him not in return show anger, let him bless when he is cursed, and let him not utter speech, devoid of truth, scattered at the seven gates.

    60. By the restraint of his senses, by the destruction of love and hatred, and by the abstention from injuring any creature, he becomes fit for immortality.

    68. In order to preserve living creatures, let him always by day and by night, even with pain to his body, walk, carefully scanning the ground.

    Every sannyāsi must be held accountable by his/her disciples for these common vows:—

    1. Non-violence (ahimsa)

    Since there are different types of injury, we must undoubtedly distinguish different types of non-injury. (yatidharma samuccaya 5:62)

    Now there are ten types of injury from which a sannyāsi must refrain:—

    1.1 Causing anxiety (mental pain)

    1.2 Causing physical pain

    1.3 Causing someone to weep,

    1.4 Drawing blood

    1.5 Calumny — the making of false and defamatory statements about someone in order to damage their reputation; slander.

    1.6 Destroying someone’s happiness,

    1.7 Conquest — engaging in the take-over of another enterprise.

    1.8 Making someone grovel — humiliating someone.

    1.9 Obstructing someone’s welfare — either through acts or endorsements or proclamations or encouragements

    1.10 Killing any living being. (Some include even plants in this prohibition).


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