Curious case of Samsung Galaxy Not 7 and its lessons to the modern world. Society and Current Issues Hinduism and Islam

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The SamsungGalaxy Note 7 is a discontinued Android-based phablet designed, developed, produced and marketed by Samsung Electronics. Unveiled on 2 August 2016, it was officiallyreleased on 19 August 2016 as a successor to the Galaxy Note 5. The Note 7, in theory, came across as agreat gadget from the inception. A 5.7 in Quad HD Super AMOLED display; Sony 12MP rear camera with auto focus technology; 5 MP front camera with wide anglelenses; IP68 certification, 2.3 GHz Mongoose & 1.6 GHz Cortex-A53 Octa-core 2.2 GHz Kyro & 1.6 GHz Kryo Quad-Core  CPU; 4 GB RAM and 64 GB storage and amongothers Marshmallow 6.0.1 OS.

Pre-orders for theGalaxy Note 7 opened the day after its unveiling, with a release in the UnitedStates on 19 August 2016. Pre-orders in South Korea already broke records, withover 200,000 units pre-ordered within two days. Samsung Canada stated thatpre-orders in Canada were "outstanding". The demand also forcedcountries such as Malaysia, the Netherlands, Russia, and Ukraine to delay theirreleases to September due to supply shortages. Tech Radar even rated it as anobvious choice to have. But there was a problem.

The lithium-ionbatteries that power most smartphones are generally very safe to use but can bedangerous if they're discharged in an uncontrolled way. The worst-casescenario, as seemed to be happening in the Note 7, is a thermal runaway,leading to the battery bursting into flames or exploding.

The earliest reports ofNote 7-related troubles came as phones started to reach the hands of pre-ordercustomers in South Korea and the U.S. And the last week of August saw another handfulof incidents in both countries — new Note phones spontaneously combustingduring or shortly after charging, with tell-tale scorch marks around thebattery.

(if you arewondering why have I typed “handful” in bold, keep reading)


YouTube video from Note 7 ownerAriel Gonzalez gaveus some of the earliest footage of the aftermath of an exploded Note — showing,in addition to the direct damage to the device itself, a thoroughly evisceratedprotective case. Similar videos emerged showing a Note catching fire andspewing black smoke in what seemed to be a restaurant setting in Korea.

By this point,mainstream media attention was growing, and on August 31, Samsung confirmed tothe press that it was pausing the launch to investigate any potentialincendiary issues. The scramble to delay shipments of Notes for additional QAtesting halted the imminent European Note 7 launch. Supplies of the phone toKorean carriers slowed, and rumours swirled of an imminent withdrawal fromsale.

Then in just 2 days,Samsung announced a recall of all Note 7. Till this point only 35 incidentswere reported nonetheless, it posed a danger to the well being of people andthe reputation of Samsung as a company.

"Therewas a tiny problem in the manufacturing process, so it was very difficult tofigure out," Samsung mobile chief DJ Koh told reporters. "It willcost us so much it makes my heart ache. Nevertheless, the reason we made thisdecision is because what is most important is customer safety."

In couple of weeks suchincidents ran into 92 in number, and US Govt officially announced its recall,and by law made it illegal to be used in airplanes, Many airlines had alreadytaken action to ban the Note 7 from flights or require passengers to power downthe phone while airborne, and Note 7 safety warnings were a common feature offlights operating in late 2016 and early 2017. So much so that the recalledphones were to be shipped back, in fire retardant boxes, to Samsung becausethey couldn’t have been flown in. In following weeks, Samsung recalled 2.5million of phones, Direct cost of recalling the phones was $ 5.3 Billion.


Now what’s the point ofthis story and how is it reflection of the current world? Here it is. let’snotice the stats

1.      Around 200cases were reported in 2.5 million of phones, that’s about 0.008 % cases. Thatmeans a whopping 99.992% of the phones haven’t exploded.

2.      The companydidn’t do it deliberately, it was a glitch in some phones and if the usershaven’t overcharged it or used it with care, the cases might have not beenthere.

3.      The massiveloss incurred by Samsung would have been gone to the shareholders and employeesof the company, who have no fault in this.

So why recall? Why wasit being treated as the next epidemic in the modern world?

a)      I mean,majority of the phones didn’t case any damage, it was a mistake and not adeliberate attempt and eventually it was user’s carelessness that cased theexplosions, moreover why should the shareholders and employees of the companybear the cost for cases, not of their doing?

b)     And why allthe other users, whose phones didn’t explode, weren’t allowed to use it inflights or public offices.

c)      I mean, whyget through so much ordeal just for few cases.

d)     There havebeen reports of iPhone catching fire as well, so why blame Samsung Galaxy Note7? Many household appliances catch on fire, why so much uproar on this phone?

e)      In fact, ifmore and more people bought it and taken care while using it, they could haveshown the world that there is nothing wrong with the phone, but the way you useit, and we could have avoided all this tribulation.


My logic seems absurd,doesn’t it? You, as a reader might think that this is an article written by astupid person who doesn’t know how to use cognitive mind to apply logic inpatterns. You might be right. But, in current global politics, these are thesame set of arguments used by the most intellectual people on planet, includingthe most prominent world leaders when it comes to Islam.


1.      Majority ofthe Muslims are not violent, it is only a handful few. (According to a PEWresearch, about 10%)

2.      They aren’tbad people, some glitchy extremists brainwash some to explode in public places.And if only, others take care and shower love on them, this would not happen.

3.      Billion oddMuslims who weren’t involved in act of violence, get blamed for action of afew.

And here are the fewvindications by the most elite in our society

a)      Most of theMuslim world isn’t exploding, it was a glitchy understanding of Islam, not the‘Good Islam’. And the extremism is brought on by the act of others who arecareless enough to not to know as to how to interact with Muslims.

b)     And whyshould the ‘peaceful’ Muslim be subjected to any ordeal for the act of others.

c)      Why blamewhole of Islam for only 10% extremists.

d)     There areother religions in the past as well who were involved in act of violence, whytarget only Muslims.

e)      In fact,more countries welcome Muslim refugees into their country, try to understandtheir culture and customs, they can show the world how great a society can bebuilt.

Notice thesimilarities? Yet, all of you will think I am illogical in defence of Samsungbut most of you would believe the excuses for Islam, even when offered theexact same justifications. Is there a lack of awareness of patterns, dearth ofunderstanding or just inability to perceive the threat?

It is no secret thatIslam is cause of immeasurably more deaths and injuries in last 1 month, thanSamsung Note 7. According to Statistica, Islamic terrorism resulted in 25800fatalities in 2016. That’s an average of 2150 fatalities each month, meanwhile,Note 7 was responsible for few hundred casualties (not fatalities) in 2 months.Still, it was recalled with a global uproar within 2 months and Samsunggot blamed for the debacle. Still, most of the leadership and intellectualclass of the world is oblivious to the threat posed by Islam. As is the case,there is a dire understanding of the hazard, that is Islam. If the youth arebeing radicalised so easy, that means there is something inherently wrong withthe tenets of the Islam and if we fail to realise, we fail to avoid our owndoom.

Like the example ofNote 7, lets make few things clear-

1.      It is notme that should have to walk on eggshells around my phone to use it, the phoneitself should have basic safety features to avoid common cases of injury,likewise, it is not the residents of the countries who should learn to liveaccording to the whims of the Muslim immigrants, it is the Muslims who shouldlearn to live by the culture of that country.

2.      Like in thecase of Note 7, massive orders and users doesn’t make the phone viable,likewise, just because Islam has a massive number of followers doesn’t make itviable for the modern world.

3.      Like in thecase of Note 7, Samsung realised that the loss incurred is their own fault,Islamic world should realise that whatever discrimination and hatred they faceis of their own doing.

4.      In case ofinjuries, as Samsung recalled all the phones and launched an update andcorrections with the new phone, Islamic world along with the politicalleadership of the other world should make changes into the basic tenets ofIslam which makes it prone to radicalisation.

5.      Like thephones which are upgraded every few weeks to correct glitches, like Christianworld evolved from their murderous phase and acquisitions, Islamic world needsa deliberate upgrade in their ideology to catch up in the modern world.

6.      LikeBlackberries lost their use in the modern world because they fail to upgradewith time, so should Islam, if the do not learn to upgrade according to thestandards of the modern world.

7.      Like thefaulty batteries were done away with, so should Islam be done away with the barbaricprinciples and sharia.

8.      Like in thecase of Note 7, there was nothing wrong with the phone casing, but the insideof the phone hardware and software with drove it, we should stop making excusesthat there are few bad Muslims, the problem lies within, within the teachingsof the faith.

9.      Andfinally, like there was an uproar in case of Note 7 from others, that forcedSamsung to make changes, there should be a pressure from the outside world tothe Islamic world to make changes, like it did on the issue of slavery andfinally slavery was abolished in Islamic world by 1962.

If we fail to recognisethis simple fact, we are doomed to be walking with Samsung Note 7 taped to ourface plugged into charge, just waiting for it to explode. 

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