Which Hindu scriptures discuss “proper education”? Hindu Scriptures

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Which Hindu scriptures discuss “proper education”?

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    We have to remember that proper education, whichever branch the student may drift into, should have a strong moral foundation. brahmacharya - maintaining celibacy (one of the meanings) was made sine qua non, in this country, for getting education. A glorification of the Brahmachgri or religious student was mentioned in Atharva Veda. By Fervour and by self-restraint the King protects the realm he rules. By self-restraint the Master seeks a Brahmachari to instruct. By self-restraint a maiden finds a youth to be her wedded lord. Importance of being self-restraint was stressed for both unmarried men and women in above hymn.
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      Thats the basic thing which is unfortunately lacking in today?s education system! Both the sexes should have seperate educational premises like it used to be in ancient times which is not actually possible in today?s high tech era.

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