Why did krishna gave the Gita paath to Only Arjun? Bhagavad Gita

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Why did krishna gave the geeta paath to Arjun and not yudhishtir although his affection was the same towards all the pandavas. Why did he choose Arjun for it? 

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    Though Yudhishthira was as compassionate person as Arjuna he remembered his dharma always. He was known for that. Arjuna's compassion for others blinded him from doing his duty/dharma. More often we get affected by some emotion that prevents us from doing our duty without worrying about the results or consequences. Much like Arjuna in the battlefield. Hence Krishna chose Arjuna to show us that Karma is to have emotions, yet not be affected by it while doing our duty/dharma. 


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    Because arjuna was a perfect student. He concerns genuine. It is easy to gain knowledge and wisdom when your curious, but most importantly he learnt by keeping aside his pre conceived notions. Examined every single aspect and most importantly asked the right questions 


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    The reason what I found was "Arjuna was Anasuya" 

    Knowledge will be different at different levels of consciousness. At a particular level of consciousness you will become anasuya. Anasuya is devoid of fault-finding eyes. If a mirror is dusty, you need a duster to clean it. But if your eyes have a cataract, any amount of dusting will not help. So first you have to remove the cataract. Then you can see that the mirror is already clean.

    There is a certain mind set that always finds fault, even in the best conditions in the world. When you give a person with this mind set the best, they still find faults. Even with the best possible companion, or the most beautiful painting, they will still find something wrong. That kind of mind set cannot know the sacred Knowledge. Krishna tells Arjuna that he is giving him the Royal Secret, because he is anasuya. "You are not finding fault in Me, even though you are so close."

    From a distance, even craters cannot be seen. Even on a smooth surface there will be holes. If you are only interested in the holes, you will not see the magnanimity of things. If you are not in anasuya, Knowledge cannot blossom in you. Then there is no point in giving Knowledge.

    Asuya is finding fault. It is seeing malicious intent everywhere. It is like a child who says, "Mother, you don't love me!" The child's vision is wrong. If the mother does not love the child, who will? It is the same as if someone comes and says, "Guruji, you don't love me!" If I don't love them, forget about it. Nobody else in the world will! Where else will they find love? Nowhere. A mother may get frustrated but not a Master.

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      This commentary is by renowned spritual leader Sri Sri Sri Ravishankar ji. Please give due credits. 


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    In my humble view, Arjuna was the greatest warrior on the side of Dharma & his presence was of utmost importance in the war against Adharma. If he is mentally unprepared and in an emotional quandary then the Dharma yudh surely would have be lost. Arjuna's question was to Sri Krishna before the war on his inability to take up battle against his own relatives and gurus, hence the entire Gita updesh was given by Sri Krishna to clear his mind of any doubts on the reason for fighting this Yudh.


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    Arjuna lay down his gaandeeva bow and refused to fight. Yudhishthir and others were not affected like him,there ultimate goal was to kill the enemies.

    Hence it was Arjuna who needed to preached Bhagvat Geeta in order to restore his courage and mentally get ready to fight the war.


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    I think Arjune was prepared fully for self-transformation. He had the courage to evolve, he had the will to surrender completely. While Yudhsthir was Dharma personified, I think he was stuck at that level and didn't think he needed any evolution. Perhaps for him, that was enough. 

    There comes a time when you have to drop everything- dharma/adharma, right/wrong and just give yourself to that higher consciousness where everything is equal or 'sam' as they say in Hindi. BG verse 18.66


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    Because Arjuna was the only person who questioned Krishna why should he kill his own brothers though they were the enemies. Others were following Krishna's advise without any question even in their minds. Hence, Krishna had to push Bhagavad Gita into Arjuna's mind. In my opinion and understanding, the question came up in Arjuna's mind was also a ploy by Krishna. If he had not raised that question, we would have never had Bhagavad Gita.


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    It was not just Arjuna, even Bishma and Kripacharya heard Bhagwadgita from Bhagwan. Many others were not in the mental position to hear and understand. For e.g. Dhuryodana would have heard and brushed it aside. In Dharmic Civilization there are different approaches that is suitable for different personalities. Bhagwadgita is one such approaches. 


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    So here goes an unpopular opinion:

    Why did He did that? Only He knows! Aren't a lot of things done in the world that go completely - or mostly - waste? This was one such thing.

    He had to deliver the "purNa jnan" to His own amsha (remember, Arjuna was Nara incarnate - from Nara-Narayana avatar) - for boosting his mental stature so that he can do his Kshatriya (and Raaj) Dharma. Just that one thing - you are here to fight, so... fight!

    But does it work? No!

    Well, it helps to start the war. But for 10 days the guy just loiters around in the battlefield! Finally when Bheeshma was almost destroying the whole army of their, again He has to break His promise of non-interference in the war, picks up the wheel, and proceeds to kill Bheeshma, then the guy gets his second jolt, and again promises to fight with full intent.

    But then again, the Bheeshma milestone was over, and again he slumps! So there was no other choice but to remove his most prized possession, his favourite son from him. Abhimanyu is killed on the 13th day. Krishna feels it from a faraway distance. He does nothing. That was the final jolt that was needed.

    The war then ends swiftly.

    So why was Bhagavat Geeta narrated? For us. For the posterity. It was narrated to Arjuna, with full awareness that it would be telecast to Sanjay > Dhritarashtra (again, another soul who does not receive any awakening!), and that it will be written down by Vyasa later, for the future generations!


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