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The blog is nicely put. However, I see that a major point is being missed out completely. The point is - why do we insist on seeing male or female aspects in things? What does this aspect of being male or female actually mean - what do they represent? Of course, we are not talking about a physical body with male and female reproductive organs there. It has to be something more subtle - more at a fundamental level of consciousness and attributes that compels us to think something as male and something else as female. What exactly is that trait?

Once we can answer this - then we need to look back at this question, and all those associated references. Brahman is nirgun, nirakar - but most importantly, Brahman does not "interact" with anyone, or in any process. However, Shiva does. Shakti does. Narayana does. Hence Their interactions hold the key to understand the trait we - the disillusioned souls - attribute back to them. Their very nature does not change by our attribution - but our perception is what plays the game.

Think about it - and comment below - what does it mean to be feminine and masculine?

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