Instance of women Guru in Hinduism? Gurus, saints, philosophers

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Yes. Female teachers are there in hinduism. World-mother Jagadamba Parvati herself taught Banasur's daughter Usha. Parvati taught Usha dancing, singing, fighting and all Vedas also.

Another mother guru is Gayatri Mata, she is considered as mother of Vedas for all brahmins in hinduism.

In Gurukulam, female rishis were there. One of them is Gargi Vachaknavi, she have also created some hymns in Upnishada.

Guru's wife is also a teacher in Gurukulam. One of them is Lopamudra, Wife of Sage Agastya.

There are many woman in hinduism who has guided someone in spiritual way, one of them is Sarda Devi.

The word Guru in Hinduism is referred to spiritual guider. One of such spiritual guider is Muktabai 

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