What are the words of the Brahmasambandha Mantra of Pushti Marga? Pushtimarg

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found the words of the Brahmasambandha Mantra in three books, with minor differences:

  1. This excerpt from Paul Arney's paper "The Bade Shikshapatra: A Vallabhite Guide to the Worship of Krishna’s Divine Images"

    Om Shri Krishnah Sharanam Mama Sahasraparivatsaramitakalasanjat Krishnaviyogajanitatapakleshananda Tirobhavoham Bhagavate Krishnaya Dehendriyapranantahkaranataddharmamshcha Daragaraputraptavittehpranyatmna Saha Samarpayami Dasoham Krishnatavasmi

  2. This excerpt from Ganga Prasad Upadhyaya's translation of Dayananda Saraswati's Satyartha Prakasha:

    Shri Krsnah sharanam mama sahasra parivatsaramita kalajat krsna viyogajanita tapa kleshanantatirobhavoham bhagavate Krsnaya dehendriya pranantahkaranataddharmanshcha daragaraputrapta vittehaparanyatmana saha samarpayami daso-aham Krsna tavasmi

  3. This excerpt from the introduction of M.T. Telivala's edition of Vallabhacharya's Siddhanta Rahasya:

    sahasra-parivatsara-mita-kala-jata-krsna-viyoga-janita-tapa-klesananda-tirobhavo'ham bhagavate krsnaya dehendriya-pranantahkaranani taddharmamsca daragara-putrapta-vittehaparani atmana saha samarpayami daso'ham krsna tavasmi

M.T. Telivala seems to have been a member of Vallabhacharya's Pushtimarga sect, so I think his version would probably be the most accurate. (Except he omits the Pushtimarga ashtakshari mantra that is customarily chanted in the beginning.)

In any case, Paul Arney also provides a translation of the mantra:

Om. The Lord Krishna is my refuge. For thousands of years and countless eons I have been lost in pain, grief, and sorrow caused by separation from Krishna. Together with my wife, home, children, elders, and all assets in this world and the next, I dedicate the functions of my body, senses, life, and soul to the Almighty, Lord Krishna. O Krishna, I am your servant.

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