What is VARNASHANKARA mentioned in Bhagvad Gita Hindu-Phobia and Hindu-Hatred

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Verse 41, chapter 1 of the Bhagavad Gita bemoans "Varna sankarah" (mixing of castes) by Arjuna, and how it will destroy society via the disappearance of family specific rituals. Varna is caste by another name

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    The Word Varna is used in many different contexts and can be interpreted differently depending on usage. This is becoz Sanskrit language is multidimensional, with many levels, nuances and interconnections. Varna can denote a person, a quality and an Occupation when used in different contexts . 

    What is the Context here .

    Let us take two meanings here 

    Varnashankara - Two Varnas cannot marry each other .

    It is rebutted in Mahabharata by Yudhisthira himself.In Mahabharata time,yudhisthira mentions that Men freely marry among each other ,so to identify Varna,only character conduct can identify it

    In the Mahabharata, for example, Kunti informsPandu of time before marriage, when men and women freely chose one another.The sage Shvetaketu enforced the rules of marriage so tht children could identify who their father was

    This is also rebutted by fact that 4 Varnas are located in nature of each individual.

    Now What is 2 Meaning -Here Varna means Estate(Occupation) 

    So VarnaShankara - Mixing of Varnas in context of

    Brahmin represents Knowledge 

    Kshatriya represents political power

    Vaishya represents Wealth

    These were 3 main power centers which needed separation; and these power centers are there in all human societies. Some people have knowledge, others have political and military power, others have wealth, those that have neither of these serve the other

    three. In all societies. How does one regulate these roles so that they serve the whole for a well-functioning system. That way those with knowledge pursue knowledge to benefit society, and not for wealth or power. Those with power cannot suppress knowledge or grab wealth.And those with wealth cannot simply buy out knowledge or political power? The collusion & mixing of these roles leads to major problems in society. This is why even today we consider education largely a non-profit sector, even in the West. Knowledge is separated from wealth.

    But the vast for-profit "coaching system" shows the collapse of this idea.

    This is What is called Varna-Shankara .Europe has already done it in past through separation of Church and State which is nothing but separating Brahmin(Religion) and Kshatriya(State) .But they have still not separated Vaishya(Wealth) which is creating problems in West

    They will do it in coming years thereby creating a new Varna-Vyavastha


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