HINDU TEMPLES Agama (Hinduism)

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Science behind Hindu Temples

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    What are some facts behind Hindu temple architecture?

    The human body is the temple for the Indwelling Spirit of God (Antaryāmin). So the temple as the body of God on earth is a similitude to the human body.

    All the various parts of the temple structure correspond to various parts of the human body. The temple is the physical body which houses the presence of God. So the actual building of the temple itself is a symbol of the presence of God in the world.

    The temple with all its intricate imagery represents the universe in all its variety and just as on the macrocosmic scale the universe is the body of the Lord so on a microcosmic scale when the icon represents the manifested Lord; the temple is His Body.

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    In the Āgamic (Tantric) practice, each and every temple is built to serve as a tīrtha, a place to commune with the Devas and experience the niṣkala realm. Hence specific temples like Srirangam, Tirupati are called bhūr-loka vaikuṇṭham — “heaven on earth”. Wherever Hindus migrate in the world they create these fords or sacred places, they sacralise the land and through the complex rituals replicate the sacred landscape of India in America, Australia, Europe, England, Africa etc.