Why we Hindu have high respect for cow but no respect for Buffalo? Hindu philosophy

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We Hindu have very high respect for cow and treat her like mother but show no respect for Buffalo . Why? Both cow and buffalo gives milk. Buffalo gives even more milk with higher fat content.

It is not that Hindu were not aware of buffalos. Buffalo is Yamraj’s vahan. Though Yamraj is Dharmraj but nobody want a visit from Yamraj which really means death. That even make people to hate buffalos due to its association with Yamraj.

It can’t be colour of skin as there are black cow also. 

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    Maybe, Buffaloes

     were associated with asuras in ancient times.


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    Good question.

    Like all cows represent Kamadhenu...

    perhaps all buffalos represent Mahishasura

    or, even, represent Yamaraj's baahan, hence representing a call of death!


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