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Hi People, I am looking for the Hindu Proverbs in different Indian languages- Punjabi, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Bengali, Sindhi and so on and so forth. 

Can anyone guide me how can I get this information? Any book? Any online resource?

Thanking everyone in this awesome community


  • harigoyal1246 days ago | +0 points

    What do you mean by Hindu Proverbs?

    Something like" Sare tirth bar bar, Gangasagar Ek bar"


  • amit.spareuse1244 days ago | +0 points

    Thank you Hari for the reply. What I meant by Hindu proverbs was basically Indian proverbs with Hindu civilizational wisdom soaked into it. I think that proverbs are condensed wisdom of our ancestors and that was what I wanted to tap into. 

    The example you gave is an excellent example. Let me know if you can refer me to a source. 


    • harigoyal1241 days ago | +0 points

      I am not aware of if any such book(s) exist but there should be one. Our scriptures are full of Slokas and Mantras and a  mantra or part of Sloka can be a proverb such as सत्यवान जयेते is proverb, so is भिन्नं मुण्डे भिन्नं मतें means As many heads as many opinion ....


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