Is Ganga a manmade river? Hindu Science

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Yes. As per our Purans, famous Suryavanshi King Bhagirath brought Ganga on the earth. For this reason Ganga is also called Bhagirathi.

Now Questions arises, do rivers created and die (dry up)?  Yes. Mighty river Sarasvati has dried up and gone. Niagara River in USA/Canada on which has famous Niagara Falls was created some 13K years back due to one strong earthquake. Before the Niagara River was created, water from 4 lakes (Superior, Michigan, Huron & Erie) will drain in Bay of Mexico through river Mississippi and water from Ontario will flow to Atlantic through St. Lawrence River. Now water from all 5 lakes flow to Atlantic Ocean through St. Lawrence River.

Human have eliminated many rivers and one example is in Canada when a river was combined with another river upstream. Generally man made rivers are called Canal.

Now the question arise,can a man or even a king made or start a river that too as large as Ganga? A book by DK Hari & DK Hema Hari titled “Ganga A Man Made River” have explained in details how Ganga was created by a series of Suryavansi Kings.

Here are some citations from the book

Could the bringing of the Ganga River have been Bhagiratha’s Hydraulic Civil engineering or rather River Engineering effort in days gone by?

Was it brought down from the heights of the Himalayas in stages by creating lakes and bends to reduce its velocity?

In the 1800s and during the early part of 1900s many British surveyors have extensively surveyed the Indian rivers – Ganga, Yamuna,Brahmaputra and other rivers originating from the Himalayas.

Captain Herbert Captain

Herbert, British Geologist surveyed the icecaped mountains of Himalayas in the year 1817. He has primarily commented on 3 places in the upper reaches of the Ganga. On visiting Dhouli, which is almost above Gangotri, he remarks about the accumulation of huge boulders here which in his opinion could not have been created by the weathering of the waters of Ganga alone, but something else seems to have had a hand in shaping these boulders and the passage of waters through them. Coming downstream, Captain Herbert on observing the deep gorge between Srikanta and Banderpoonch, states that this must have been once a solid rock and it has been cut through to create a passage for the waters of the Ganga to flow through.

 In summing up his survey of the source of the Ganga river, he states that “The hand of man and not nature alone has been at work in carving the headwaters of the Ganga.”

Observations of Sir William Willcox

Sir William Willcox, the Director General of Irrigation of both India and Egypt, categorically states in his book that,

 1. Indian ancient writers wrote about physical facts in a spiritual manner

2. Every canal which went southwards whether it became big as the Bhagirathi or not, originally started as a canal

3. These canals were lined out, dug and placed just at the distance that canals should be placed.

In the end, Sir William Willcox reasons that Ganga or the River Bhagirathi was a canal constructed by our ancients. The bringing of the Ganga from the roofs of the world to the plains of India would rank as the greatest feat of engineering in India, or even in human history.

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