Is concept of week Indian or we appropriated from other cultures? Hindu calendar

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Hindu calendar always uses two Pakashas , Krishan  Pakasha and Shukla  Pakasha of about 15 days each. If we had counting of days based on the moon, why we would require an arbitrary  seven days cycle?

In my opinion we appropriate concept of week from other cultures and indianized it by naming days of week on our deities.  

Is there any mention of vaara वार in Vedas, Purans, Upnishad, Ramayan or Mahabharata, if so please provide?

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  • jay 39 days ago | +0 points

    I think it was not borrowed from other culture but other calendars have roots in Hindu astrology. 

    The english word hour has its' origins in the sanskrit word hora. 

    Brihat Parashara hora shastra is one of the ancient jyotish texts which by the name itself proves the antiquity of the word hora. 

    Jyotish shastra also says that there are 24 horas (hours) in a day. The only difference between hora and hour is that hora starts at the time of sun rise and continues for 60 minutes. 

    The names of the days arise from the first hora. Hence on Monday ( Somvar) the first hora is of the moon or chandra and so on.

    The horas of a single day are spaced in the following manner: On a Sunday the respective horas would be Surya - Shukra - budha - chandra - shani - guru - mangal - surya...... 

    If you carry on in this series, the first hora starting at the sunrise next day would automatically come as chandra.