Is the idea of 'maya' to blame for Hindu social and political descent? Hindu philosophy

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When we learn about maya in the Hindu scriptures, it gives the idea that everything in the world is false. To strive to protect nation, national identity and religion is also false, maya. Is this what is causing the downfall of our religion? Also, this relates family relationships being considered false, which is why many married priests are reluctant to have children and continue their progeny. Is the concept of maya harmful for Hindus overall?

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    In my opinion and understanding, maya माया does not mean false or मिथ्या but maya mean illusion. So what is illusion: it is not what it appears. 

    Our scriptures or teaching says don’t carried away by Moh Maya मोह माया. It is not what it looks. When Sita ji asked and insisted Bhagwan Ram to bring the golden dear स्वर्ण मृग, she was under the influence of maya and we all know the result. 

    We may say all this growth, comfort etc. Is maya but protecting nation, religion, community is not maya or illusion. We know very well taking sanyas and giving up everything by all does not work. There is a place for Sanyasi and Grahsthi गृहस्थी in the society. If everyone take sanyas or give up, who will feed sanyasis. 

    Concept of maya is not harmful. It is good concept. Excessive attachment or desires are bad

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      This was what I also thought would be the plausible answer but going to temples where everything is considered maya and the only solution is mukti or death doesn't seem plausible. Also from reading "A History of Indian Philosophy" by Surendranath Dasgupta, I have get a sense that most of this seeking mukti from this maya chakra seems to be mostly influenced by Buddhism.

      It's also interesting how you brought up the maya mrigya here. If we take it in this sense that you do need to seek maya sometimes to defeat something greater (for example Ravan), would it be too wrong? If Sita didn't go for maya, demons wouldn't be destroyed, and similarly in today's time, if we do not seek maya, and not be consumed by it, we can defeat the forces that are trying to bring out culture and religion down.

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        When I gave example of Maya Mrigaya or golden dear स्वर्ण मृग, my intention was to show  even Sita Ma could not resist maya and even Bhagwan Ram could not make Sita Ji to look through the maya, then what chance the mortal souls like me and you stand not to indulge ourself in maya. What you bring is also right.

        The whole world is maya. Maya is necessary evil. We can't avoid it but make best use of it. Let us not get in to a situation where

        दुविधा में दोऊ गए माया मिली न राम


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