Polygamy In Hinduism Practices

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Plz tell me Why more than one marriage was permissible in our culture  incidents are there in our scriptures

What was The reason or idea behind the occurrence of polygamy in our scriptures? 

Is there any case by case justification or there are normal rules under which all the cases fall? 

  • harigoyal1298 days ago | +1 points

    There are few exceptions or rules under which kings were allowed to take more than one wife. May be these are after thought justifications.

    1. Royal marriages were a part of alliance formation or diplomacy. Many kings offer their daughters to powerful kings to form an alliance or avoid defeat/amalgamation of their kingdom. ( King Dashrath, King Pandu, Bhim and others have such marriages.

    2. Kings were obligated to provide heir to the throne. So if a king does not have son from one queen, he was allowed to take another queen(s). 

    Bhagwan Krishn marries 16K sex slaves of Kansh to provide them a respectful social status.

    • jay1298 days ago | +0 points

      The kind and Royal Marriage concept seems to be a cultural aspect but though we can expect a strong underlying guidelines in various scriptues thumbsup


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