How can Draupadi be a pathivrata (dutiful wife) while being married to 5 men? Mahabharata (in Vaishnavism)

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Draupadi is considered to be one of the Panchkannyas, and a great pathivrata too. This link says why Draupadi married 5 persons (the Pandavas). Is that sacred or pure? Does it have any effect on the pathivrata state?

If there's nothing wrong, according to Hindu scripture (forget current law), can a Hindu woman marry more than one person at a time?

My question is, briefly explain the Hinduism and Veda perspective on polyandry.

Can a woman achieve pathivrata state even though she marries more than one person at a time?

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    So first let us understand the situation here. As per the Wikipedia, the type of relationship Draupadi was, will be called as Associated Fraternal Polyandry, meaning a woman taking more than two husbands at the same time, where husbands are brothers and also husbands take other wives individually. We know Draupadi married to 5 Pandav brothers and if not all, some of the Pandavs have other wives. 

    I don’t know if polyandry is forbidden or not in Hinduism but socially it is practiced in some Hindu communities in India, Nepal & Tibet Even today. If none of the learned Acharya or Rishi etc. Objected Draupadi taking 5 husbands, that means it was accepted in the society at that time, means polyandry was accepted at that time. Polyandry is a need based practice.

    Now does polyandry interferes with the concept of Pativarta. So what is Pativarta? It is the loyalty and commitment of a married woman to her husband. A woman does not commit adultery when in polyandry relationship as she is married to all. So Draupadi did not commit adultery ever.

    So in my opinion, polyandry is not forbidden in Hinduism (forget current Hindu marriage code), and it does not have any effect on the Pativarta state of the woman as long as she treat all husband at par. 


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    All secular answers to this question are wrong ! Even in that era and before this - there was no single case of multiple patis mentioned in any purana or itihasa so clearly this was a exception and an unique one not to be copied by anyone either in that era or later ! Draupadi Devi was Swarga Lakshmi who had sought to a boon from Mahadeva Ishwara for Pati( she repeated this five times ) - All Pandavas are amshas of Devatas who were blessed by Ishwara to be Draupadi’s Pati s in Dvapara! Anyone who learns Itihasas must learn it from competent Guru Parampara and not secular or Nastika sources which lead to bhrashtatvam 

    Even swadhyaya must be done under a Guru belonging to a Parampara not these new age Yogis ! 


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