Myth/Customs related to shaving & hairwash Practices

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I have heard a lot of myth related to shaving beard and moustache.

  1. Those whose father is alive should NOT shave.
  2. We should not Shave on Thursday(because wealth might go away) and Saturday.
  3. There are people who think that cutting hair on Saturdays help cut down Saade Sati of Shani Dev.
  4. It is also believed that one should not wash their hair or clothes on a Thursday.
  5. There is also a myth for not cutting hair or shaving on Tuesday

There are many stories about shaving and hair wash in Hinduism which are practiced by many religious people.

Being a Senior technocrat, We are expected to be clean shaved. Shall I go without taking care of specific DAYS or is there any combination of allowed days which let us manage with these customs as well as our daily life style.

Please share some other myths related to this.

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