Which is the best and most faithful translation of the Gita? Bhagavad Gita

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Same as title

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    Issue with many such Gita-s is the translation problem. These translations were done with scarce resources & less availability of Sanskrit experts. In the current age of internet, this issue is resolved.

    Here are few strategies:

    1. Use Gita supersite and choose the translations & purports you want. Only issue is, one need to go 1 by 1. IMO, translations by Gambhirananda is the closest among others & are neutral.

    2. Use Vedabase. Ignore translations & purports, but just look at breaking of each Sanskrit word & translate it yourself with http://spokensanskrit.de.

    Purports are typically the interpretation of the author. You should read those, only if your mentality matches with the author. Otherwise interpret yourself.

    IMPO, whichever way Gita is interpreted, is worth. The inclination is important. Interestingly - Some Nazi-s had their own interpretation of Gita, while committing crimes.

    - Some Muslim clerics have used Krishna's "do war" as a defence for some controversial war related quotes of Quran.


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