Is Hindutva right about their criticisms of Indology? ( Indology

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Is Hindutva right about their criticisms of Indology?

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  • ichat 262 days ago | +0 points

    Can you first cite where all Hindutva has criticised Indology?

  • suyash95 262 days ago | +0 points

    “Hindutva” is a nonsense term like “Islamophobia” — these are terms which have been invented to over simplify social phenomena and give them a negative spin in order to shutdown open and critical debate.

    In your question “Hindutva” is being broadly applied to anyone who defends Hinduism and Hindu culture and has the connotation of being reactionary and regressive.

    The study of Hinduism or “Indology” is a discipline which has been taken over and monopolised by the West. Where is the “home-team?” Which Universities in India have departments of Indology? (Compare China and departments of Chinese-studies!)

    It started with the early Missionary Scholars who dove into the study of Sanskrit and translated the Vedas and manipulated them with the goal of conversion. Their ultimate aim was to translate the Bible into Sanskrit to order to convert the Brahmins - if they converted them the rest of the masses would follow — so they assumed.

    It backfired on them with the translation of the Upanishads into European languages which then exposed Europe to Hindu thought and Vedanta. So instead of facilitating conversion to Christianity, it served to spread Vedanta to the West and deeply influenced many of the continental philosophers.

    The modern Indologists located in the USA are, like 80% of the Academics, left-wing, notably Post-Modern /Neo-Marxists. Their translations, interpretations and teaching of Indology are all done through the lens of Power Politics/Patriarchy or victim vs oppressor, i.e. focusing on class/caste, gender and race conflicts. They are almost all opposed to the subject matter they are studying and teaching.

    Wendy Doniger is on record as saying she has absolutely no interest in Vedanta and is focused only on the stories and their interpretation [according to Post-Modern ideology.] Pollock focuses only on the Kavyas and has no interest in the Vedanta as well.

    Vedanta is the heart of Hinduism - it is impossible to study Hinduism without including Vedanta.

    So yes, Indology as it is taught today in the USA is a worthless discipline which is “Breaking India” and has at its core a Revolutionary goal of Cultural deconstruction - through Critical Theory.

    Indians need to step up and reclaim and defend their ancient their heritage - but if you do this, you will be immediately denounced by the Cultural Marxists and assigned to radical “Hindutva” category - to be spurned and mocked. The (Fake) Media in India as in the west, is overwhelmingly Left and is fully compliant in the Cultural Revolution and demolition of Hinduism.


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