What is the History of DALITS?Were they created during long Muslim British Rule? Jati

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What is the History of DALITS? Were they created during long Muslim British Rule?

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    Dr B.R,,Ambedkar is his entire life had never used term Dalit.Did you know? This term was coined during 1980 by Socialists.The lothian committee recognised the same set of group of people in Notional Untouchable and Touchable. But after Independence entire communities were declared as Untouchables which is a Christian imported Term.

    How DALITS were created – HISTORY OF DALITS –

    Panchama Varna was a British creation - PGurus

    We should also Look at these Colonial Words like Upper,Backward,Lower Caste.Why we have accepted such colonial imposed words.Look at the History of Word DALIT

    The English word 'Dalit' comes from Sanskrit 'daridra'. Originally, this word did mean any caste. It simply meant 'poor'. Poor Brahmins were known as 'Daridra Brahman'. Vishnu was known as 'Daridra Narayan' (God of the poor) 'Dalit' became a caste only in British colonial age.

    there never existed a word DALIT. It is a recent CHURCH Creation. The Actual word is DALIDDA but they will never accept this becoz than there were also DALIDDA Brahmins which will not suit their agenda

    The very concept of "Dalit identity" is a colonial construct. There was never any inter communal "Dalit solidarity" across communities now classified as "Dalits". Take the case of Mahars and Mangs. In 18th and 19th century,both were treated as "Untouchables" by "caste Hindus"

    Yet, that doesn't mean Mahars, Mangs and all such groups ever identified themselves as belonging to "one community". Far from it, Mahars ( Ambedkar's natal community) themselves practiced "untouchablity" against Mangs and formed an alliance with Peshwas to keep them at bay .

    Daridra" is not necessarily a negative connotation at all. Marxists n Neo Ambedkarites claim 'Dalita' in Sanskrit means "crushed, split, torn to shreds, blown up", etc. From the verb "dalati". Those who are saying that Dalit came from Sanskrit "Dalita" have no evidence for their claims. That word was never used as a social construct But,rather what the fashioners of the word Dalit who applied it for the Depressed Classes forged it from(being Daridra or its Pali derivative as used by Buddha) That word was never used as a social construct. However, the Pali word "Dalidda" was indeed used as a social class in "Dalidda kula"( precursor of modern "Dalit community")

    DALATI is a verb just like Thievery,Stealing. You cannot make a noun DALIT out of Verb DALATI as a Caste.If that is the case,than similar castes could be made like THIEFER n STEALER caste from other two Nouns. Which is pure nonsense.

    Dalit name has been invented and used primarily by Christians to show how they were marginalized. The use of the word in unconstitutional. During 19th century, Christians started to actively proselytize Sudras by telling that they are being marginalized. One of the Sudra Jyotirao Phule (also called Mahatma Phule) got influenced by Christian priests and started active campaign against Brahmins, Kshatriyas and Vaishyas and the term Dalits evolved. With the help of Christians, he made scathing attacks against other Hindus. Christians are good in Divide and Rule policy. Every one knows how they treated Blacks, American Indians, Maoris, aborigines in Australia, and who installed Christian rulers in Buddhist countries. Jyoti Rao Phule had no idea that slavery was widely practiced by Jews and Christians throughout history. Throughout history, Bible was discriminating against Pagans. Bible allows Pagan women to be raped, slaved, and sold. It all started with the writings of Moses Old Testament is clear about capturing people and selling them as chattel. Leviticus explicitly allows participation in the slave trade, with non-Israelite residents who had been sold into slavery being regarded as a type of property that could be inherited. Scheduled Castes is the official term for Dalits in the opinion of India's National Commissions for Scheduled Castes (NCSC), who took legal advice that indicated modern legislation does not refer to Dalit and that therefore, it says, it is "unconstitutional" for official documents to do so. Nowhere in Vedas, Brahmanas, Aranyakas, Upanishads this Dalit word has been used. So I consider the word Dalit as offensive, unconstitutional and is being primarily used by Christians to proselytize Hindus. By the way the word caste is also the invention of Christians and nowhere it is in Hindu books.

    Brahmanism was the name given by the early European Indologists to the ancient Vedic religion based on the texts known as the Brāhmaṇas.Modern Hinduism emerged from a syncretism of Vedic, Puranic and Tantric streams of thought and practices.TANTRA ,AGAMAS n PURANAS have been developed by Non Brahmins

    I have read Ambedkar works ,Ambedkar entered into the scene in 1920.We should understand the context here. We are talking of the time when British Power was Supreme and their Colonial Hold on Information flow was unchallenged.There are many facts which Ambedkar was not aware during his Lifetime.A lot of new Inform has came out from British Archives n Chronicles which Ambedkar was not aware Eg - No word for "caste" in any Indian language. Caste not same as jati.

    The British Supdt. of 1921 Census: “We pigeon-holed everyone by caste and if we had no true caste for them, labelled them with the hereditary occupation.. We are largely responsible for the system we deplore.”here is an expanded quote Welfare of Scheduled Castes in India

    No word for "caste" in any Indian language. Caste not same as jati. The British Supdt. of 1921 Census: “We pigeon-holed everyone by caste and if we had no true caste for them, labelled them with the hereditary occupation.. We are largely responsible for the system we deplore.”

    "In the 19th century bands of missionaries, phrenologists, ethnologists, anthropologists, orientalists and eugenicists, set about identifying and classifying Indians like zoological specimens into different castes. They used head measurements, skin color, physique, occupation."

    Risley, the Chief Commissioner of India's 1901 Census came with the definitive identifying marker of an Indian's caste. "The social status of a particular group varies in inverse ratio to the mean relative width of their nose!" Monstrous.

    This entire census document is worth reading and how “caste” was constructed during British times and then made into a permanent 5000-yr old feature of Indian Society.

    3)It is time for India to get rid of the word "caste" in legal and official texts. The word should be replaced by the more accurate "community" or "jati", wherever appropriate.

    JAATIS had ups n downs, Societies change with time, and social groups or individuals rise and fall in their importance or status. So striving for a utopian social equality is a futile attempt.The point is the same ISHWAR resides within each individual

    Eg to understand- Religion, caste, & sect are like brand, model, & submodel of products. Example, Toyota brand, Corolla model, Altis submodel. Humans are nature's products and hence need such clear divisions.

    This is just one eg of European Supremacy Another How WHITE MAN convinces-PPl of same land, same race 2 kill each other-In 1877-Criminal Tribes Act was used 2 CREATE UNTOUCHABLES IN INDIA. Ppl born in specific caste weRe declared as Born-Criminals & whoever sheltered them or kept them weRe also declared Criminals),The British used their Heavy Brute force to implement this forcing People to cut off any Social contact from such people throughout INDIA. TRUTH is hard to accept but this is not some conspiracy,This is written in British Chronicles by BRITISH themselves. So this is open shut case,and History also supports this point,the British converted half of AFRICA,America,Australia,NZ,Canada,South America into Christianity thorugh this clever schemes n ploys

    How Eurocentric Missionary constructs for Conversion had lead to violent conflicts throughout the world

    Details about the "irrefutable" (and hence unscientific) dogmas about "caste" The Impossibility of Refuting or Confirming the Arguments about the Caste System

    Ethnographic Mapping and the Construction of the British Census in India 

    The British Empire, Imperialism, Colonialism, Colonies

    How Eurocentric Missionary constructs for Conversion had lead to violent conflicts throughout the world

    India has been composed of JATIS which were involved in Specific Trade Work.The British through their Caste based Census grouped these JATIS into Specific blocks like Upper,Lowed n DALITS.Look at their cleverness. Now a Fight between 2 JATIS is portrayed as Fight between Entire Blocks like Between Upper Castes n DALITS.and we have all accepted this SYSTEM. Another Eg - A Fight between a person from JATAV(DALIT)community n from Yadav(OBC) community is counted as Brahminical oppression of DALITS..

    How many people know that JATIS which come under DALIT today were Kshatriyas n Vaishyas at one point. Suheldev PASI was a Hindu king JATAVS,MAHARS,MANGS have kshatriya ancestry CHAMARS were traditionally agriculturalists and this association of the Chamar community with traditional occupation of tanning was constructed during Medieval Rule.

    Viewpoint: How the British reshaped India's caste system

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      KS LAL has exposed this Marxist Fraud in his book -- Growth of Scheduled Castes n Tribes during Islamic Rule

      The author meticulously traces the increament in numbers of SC STs during the Islamic regime due to humiliating conditions imposed by the Muslim Rulers on their Hindu subjects.Medieval India is described to be almost like a war zone by Travellers who seemed to have observed that the lack of security of common citizens made even simple peasents & their kith and kin to arm themselves fearing forcible conversion or being sold as slaves.Caste rigidity similar to religion and lack of upward mobility also seems to be an Islamic Hang over.

      Dalits,Gurkhas, Chambal, and more. Growth of Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes in India - KS Lal .the credit for the growth of India's JAATIS which are today labelled as Untouchables n tribal population (also referred to as Dalits,Scheduled Tribes) goes to the centuries-long Muslim rule in India between 712-1707 CE would be a surprise to most. Yet it is the proposition made and proven by distinguished historian, K.S. Lal, in his book, "Growth of Scheduled Tribes and Castes in Medieval India."

      In short, the avalanche of Turco- Mughal invaders, and the policy of their Government turned many settled agriculturists into tribals of the jungles....For example, many Parihars and Parmars, once upon a time belonging to the proud Rajput castes, are now included in lower castes. So are the “Rajputs” counted in Backward Classes in South India. ... in course of time many of these Jats and Khokhars were pushed into belonging to low castes of to-day. For the later times is the example of the Satnamis. This sect was an offshoot of the Raidasis.....At last Aurangzeb crushed them by sending 10,000 troops (March, 1672) and facing a most obstinate battle in which two thousand Satnamis fell on the field and many more were slain during the pursuit. Those who escaped spread out into small units so that today there are about 15 million Satnami Harijans.... Chapter – 7 ,The Legacy of Muslim Rule in India ,KS LAL


      2000 years ago, long before a single rat eating Mughal invader stepped on Indian soil, India was world's richest country with 32.5% of World's GDP. By the end of Mughal rule (1820 CE), India became one of the world's poorest countries. Its GDP was half that of China

      Source: "The World Economy" by British economist Angus Maddison. India was an agricultural economy. 2000 years ago, India had 32.5% of World GDP, which was higher than Han China. By the time of Mughal emperor Akbar Shah (1820), India's GDP was 16% and half that of China .

      Anyone who has Bernier's Travels in Mogul India will tell you about the widespread poverty that existed in India during the Mughal Empire. Mughals source of revenue came from exploitation and slavery. Compare that with India described by Megasthenese, Fa Hein or Xuangzang.

      For instance, the first time India an alternative to Traditional Hindu Varna-Jaati system, which was the best priest/warrior/trader/worker hierarchy and did not have slaves,by the islamic invaders, slavery was introduced to India, millions of Indian men and women were sold to West Asian buyers.

      How the ISlamic n Christian invaders destroyed the economic prosperity of India,Thiswas one of the major factor in creation of Dalits which were at times were belonging to prosperous JATIS in INDIA.

      Genocidal famines n droughts caused during Mughal n British rule which ravaged n destroyed many prosperous Hindu JAATIS which today come under OBC n SC/ST?,

      One eg-This letter from East India Company(VOC) says 74 Lakh people died in famine caused by Mughal invasion and destruction of crops in Gujarat, Malwa, Deccan(1630-32). When India was facing one of its biggest famines, Shah Jahan began making Taj Mahal in the same year at 4.18 crores

      A Dam was a bronze coin and it was the daily income of an average peasant family of India.40 Bronze Dams equaled one silver rupee. One silver rupee fetched 280 Kgs of rice.Taj Mahal was built at the cost of 4.18 crore silver rupees when 74 lakh people were dying for want of food

      Destruction of lakes was a favourite tactic of Muslim invaders in India, typical barbarian behaviour. Eg - Bhojtal/Upper Lake in Bhopal, a small remnant of Bhojpur Lake built by Raja Bhoja(1010-1055 CE). Spread over 250 square miles(~650 sq kms) from Bhopal to Barkheda, it was the largest man made lake in India & possibly all of Asia, with depth of 100 feet(30 metres).Built on the river Betwa and by diverting the nearby Kaliasot river, the lake was a true feat of Hindu engineering. It started with 2 earthen dams(40 feet high & 100 feet broad at top) 20 miles off modern Bhopal & one even larger cycloplean dam near modern Bhopal.

      So what happened to the lake? Fuelled by Jihad Hosang Shah(1405-34) ordered its destruction. It took an army of workers 3 months to destroy the dam & 3 yrs elapsed before the lake was emptied of its waters & a further 30 yrs before the bed became dry enough for human habitation.

      This is covered in detail in book Bhoja Raja by P.T. Srinivas Ayyangar.

      This is just one case which was recorded by a foreign traveller,There are many cases which needs to be investigated.

      Scott C. Levi a scholar of Central Asia says that of total slaves in Central Asia, Hindus were dominant. As Mughal empire collapsed this almost put an end to enslavement of Hindus and number of slaves sent to C. Asia reduced massively. Then they turned to Iranis for slave supply.

      Scott C. Levi a scholar of Central Asia says that of total slaves in Central Asia, Hindus were dominant. As Mughal empire collapsed this almost put an end to enslavement of Hindus and number of slaves sent to C. Asia reduced massively. Then they turned to Iranis for slave supply.

      During Mughal rule,

      1. Hindu peasants who could not afford the Islamic jiziya tax would be forced to sell a son into eunuch slavery.

      2. Sons of Hindus too poor to pay Jiziya tax were castrated using a wooden implement to crush testicles. 1 out of 8 survived the operation.

      3. Under Islamic rule in India, eunuch slaves were more highly valued than female/male slaves. They policed harems, served as catamites.

      4. Some Mughal sultans frowned on the practice of castrating Hindu boys and using them as catamites or harem servants. E.g., Aurangzeb here:

      The Ain-i-Akbari gives details about widespread methods used to castrate and domesticate Hindu boys and men into useful service.

      This was how Scheduled Castes were made.

      Islamic loot: How the Mughals drained wealth out of India

      Islamic loot: How the Mughals drained wealth out of India | IndiaFacts

      The Mughal tax break that cost India its freedom | IndiaFacts

      How Rich was India? An Account Through Loot by Mahmud of Ghazni

      Barbarity & discrimination by #Mughals against Hindus in India.

      During Islamic rule ,Muslims slaughtered 100 of Millions of people during 800 periods of their rule.

      Most Authentic History of Attacks on India from 636 AD: Hindus Killed in Millions

      Atrocities on Hindu Women during Islamic Invasion and Rule in India

      Were Mughals Tolerant? Details and Horrors of Hindu Holocaust under Mughal Rule

      This Book covers this in detail.Buy n read it If u have sufficient time

      Islamic Jihad: A Legacy of Forced Conversion, Imperialism, and Slavery by M A Khan

      Much of the perversions in Hindu caste system came after Muslim n Chrsitian invasions,as one honestly sifts through the pages of ancient history and medieval and later medieval history written after the Muslim invasion, one can’t deny the fact that much of the perversions of the Indian caste system entered the Hindu system as a result of the atrocities committed on the entire Hindu population by the Muslim invaders, particularly between 1193 and 1526. These atrocities have been well-described by the great historian RC Majumdar in his works.

      For eg,-he quotes the Moorish traveller Ibn Battuta, who was the Kazi of Delhi for eight years during the reign of Muhammad bin Tughlaq. Battuta gives a graphic account of these atrocities in his memoirs, particularly about the dishonour of Hindu women. Describing a picture of a darbar of Tughlaq on the day of Eid, Battuta writes: “As we were sitting in the darbar, Hindu girls of all hues, from daughters of kings and brahmins and from lower classes, were brought in groups in the darbar, made to dance and then distributed amongst the nobles in slavery and concubinage. I was presented with three such girls but I already had four. So I distributedsome of of these amongst my slaves." Historian VD Mahajan too has given a chilling account of Muslim atrocities on Hindus during this period in his book The Delhi Sultanat. So the Muslim invasions did the job of stopping the water of a healthy river called Hinduism from flowing further, thus leading to dirt and wild growth in it. Slowly the upper castes including the Rajputs, Banias and Kayasthas started adjusting with the Muslim rulers who needed them for administrative purposes and thus were spared the atrocities which were reserved for common Hindu population. In a way (leaving aside exceptions) their compromise with the invaders was a compromise of the impotent with the aggressor. So when this upper caste Hindu section got adjusted with the Muslim elite it started treating the lower Hindu castes with perversion. And that’s how perversions crept into the Hindu caste system which was originally a system of division of labour at the time of birth itself but minus these new perversions. Noted writer VS Naipul too has described this negative impact of Muslim invasions on the Hindu community.

      The main Perpertrators who introduced Untouchability in India on a mass scale -Muslims r given a clear cut free pass.Bathrooms n toilets were discovered after 1900. Hindus used slippers made of wood.The Hindu considered the use of leather as impure from the Sanatan period. Remember, Vedic saint or Vedic people used to wear wooden stands on their feet, why? Because the skin was not used by the Hindu at all! Chamar and Bhangi Castes were made by Muslims, ...... why?

      the Muslim army and the people needed leather, so the war prisoners were pushed into the leather work.The People of these Castes were sifled because of their peeling the skin of the cow, and they became untouchables today. It was not because of the outlying caste but because of their abhorrent actions. Who persecuted Jaatis known as Dalits today? For thousands of years, Hindus have had a tradition of open defecation.The toilets inside the house were considered impure. Even today, people in the village countryside do not make toilets in the house, for example, you watch the toilet a love story. Whereas during the Muslim period, Muslims women did not go out in the open because of the veil system! and Muslimms have no such provision of open defecation Therefore, Muslims used to build toilets inside their homes and those who were used to do scavenging were called scavengers. They became untouchable because of their low susders.

      The simple fact is so called Chamar ,Bhangi Castes are not the creation of Hinduism or Brahmins. This is a conspiracy to destroy Hindu civilization and culture and all this has been done only by the Muslims with the Left .The British rule also had a huge role in this,While creating new cities,they expanded this problem massively.India became independent in 1947 ,Hindus were never in Actual power for last 1000 years,Atleast 100 years should be given to them for recovery

      I have not come across a single mass epidemic in India before the British. And it was the Islamic invasions which brought bubonic plague from Central Asia. Ancient India idealised vegetarianism and never had serious trysts with infectious diseases like Europe & China, it appears.

      Plague was rampant during and after the Delhi Sultanate. One could say it followed their armies. Things were even worse in the Mughal era. Surat and Agra were among the worst hit. Some British correspondences speak of over a thousand casualties a day in peak winter.

      A map of the cities most effected by plague in 17th century Mughal India. Epidemics often followed and exacerbated famine, which was also becoming more frequent due to wars and oppressive administration. Health and Disease in Medieval India- Enyatullah Khan & M. Parwez

      Famous example is Malaria which British gifted to African Tribes. Despite having so many mosquitoes in grasslands of Africa they never had malaria based deaths but millions died because British were carriers during 1800s.

      Indians also had quite a system of social segregation around eating, drinking habits of people/castes; also personal hygiene such as bathing, not using right hand. Such things may have also helped. restrictions were stronger as v go frm punjab to south and east. Any correlation?

      There were very few community of people who were eating meat. They were separated from society and that led to un-touchability practice. People don't think back why such practices were existed in ancient India

      Plague and cholera were brought to new world by westerners that wiped out entire native American population

      Will Durant, the famous historian summed it up like this:

      "The Islamic conquest of India is probably the bloodiest story in history. It is a discouraging tale, for its evident moral is that civilization is a precious good, whose delicate complex of order and freedom, culture and peace, can at any moment be overthrown by barbarians invading from without or multiplying within."

      We will never be able to assess the immense physical harm done to India by the Muslim invasions. Even more difficult is to estimate the moral and the spiritual damage done to Hindu India”.

      the Muslims could not rule the country, except by systematic terror. Cruelty was the norm -- burnings, summary executions, crucifixions or impalements, inventive tortures. Hindu temples were destroyed to make way for mosques. On occasion there were forced conversions. If ever there were an uprising, it was instantly and savagely repressed: houses were burned, the countryside was laid waste, men were slaughtered and women were taken as slaves.-Fernand Braudel, "A History of Civilizations", 1995.

      From the time Muslims started arriving, around 632 AD, the history of India becomes a long, monotonous series of murders, massacres, spoliations, and destructions. It is, as usual, in the name of 'a holy war' of their faith, of their sole God, that the barbarians have destroyed civilizations, wiped out entire races.

      -Alain Danielou: Histoire de l' Inde


      British Colonization of India

      British Colonization of India | IndiaFacts

      How British destroyed Indian Textile Industry | IndiaFacts

      Timeline of Major Famines in India during British Rule

      Famines in British ruled India: Their Causes and Consequences

      The British, in the same 1876-79 period oversaw a famine that killed ~1 crore people in south India. That is blithely swept under the carpet.

      How Britain stole $45 trillion from India

      The British also killed more than 50 million people durin their rule.They also passed Criminal Tribes Act whereby many Hindu JAATIS were declared criminals and their properties were confiscated.After destroying all the agricultural farmers,Workers,Peasants,the British grouped all these people under Scheduled Castes


      Patients quarantined at a detention center during outbreak of Third Pandemic Plague. Karachi(British India), 1897. The Third Pandemic plague began in Yunnan(China). It entered India through British Ships carrying opium from Hong Kong It consumed 10 million lives in India

      Another one happened during 1918.

      The deadly Spanish Flu, which slipped in through a ship of returning soldiers that docked in Bombay ...The deadly Spanish Flu, which slipped in through a ship of returning soldiers that docked in Bombay ...

      Read more at: Why Spanish Flu Of 1918 Matters In India's Coronavirus War

      The Black Death killed 60 PERCENT of Europe.

      The Black Death: The Greatest Catastrophe Ever

      The 19th century epidemic killed at least 10 million people in India, which would roughly be 5%? There were 4 cholera epidemics in India in the 19th and early 20th century, how many died is unknown.

      Ancient Hindu norms of social distancing probably got set when groups of people consistently failed to follow the standards required for safety and hygiene over centuries when plague, smallpox and cholera outbreaks were rampant, endemic or recurrent

      During 1918 influenza pandemic colonial British administrators ran away to the secluded hill stations. Around 6% of Indian population died, more than the total World War I deaths in the world. In today’s terms that would be more than 70 million deaths.Couple this with massive droughts n Famines which destroyed Many Hindu JAATIS,,Criminal Tribes Act,Mass Killings of Indians which British suspected were involved in 1857 Revolt.

      India's secret history: 'A holocaust, one where millions disappeared...'

      The British killed 10 Million Indians just in a span of 10 years.The Damage they did during later rem.100 years still remains unknown on Indian psyche.

      The Zamindari system was also brought by British.during which selected people were allocated huge tracts of Land which were loyal to British snatching lands from common people.

      it were the British rulers who started discharging sewers of towns like Varanasi, Patna, Kanpur, Munger into Ganga in the 19th century. Before that, we at least didn't have this problem. For this, they sometimes used the existing canals used for irrigating agricultural fields.

      Similarly, the modern leather factories near Kanpur are a legacy of the British. Though the Muslim invaders desecrated a lot of Hindu sites, temples and symbols, at least they left our rivers alone. Even a bigot like Aurangzeb used to dring Ganga water and he had several people engaged in carrying fresh Ganga water to wherever he was in the subcontinent.

      British not only polluted Indian rivers but their own rivers as well.

      For example, River Thames that flows through London was so polluted that it was declared biologically dead. From 1830 to 1860 tens of thousands of people died of cholera as a result of the pollution in the Thames. Sewage was being discharged directly into the Thames. Despite the foul smell, people continued to wash and bathe and drink from the river, because lower income people of London had no other way. Effective treatment of Thames only began after World War 2 and now River thames is one of the most cleanest rivers in the world. People catch fish and dive into it.

      Someone asked for original reference to Dr. Ambedkar regarding this broom and spitoon claim. Dr. Ambedkar clarified it in response that this is only based on a fable he heard from few old people and that there is no primary evidence to this.Here is 1 such faultlines which the British created

      How British created Untouchablity in Maharashtra

      Battle of Koregaon : Lessons in Unity - Opindia News



      It was said that British abolished SATI pratha,Truth is there are only few cases recorded in History for this Pratha.This Pratha was created by BRITISH themselves From Arvind Sharma's new book relating to how British policy led to women (who had been widowed for years) killing themselves through Sati. Meenakshi Jain has throughly exposed this in her book SATI

      Contrary to the notion that pre-British education in India was the exclusive domain of Brahmins, British records themselves indicate that elementary education was accessible to all.This is covered in detail by DHARAMPAL in his book –The Beautiful Tree

      Deadly distortions of Colonial Rule- Notes from 'A Ruler's Gaze' by Arvind Sharma- I | IndiaFacts

      Janeu had nothing to do with Brahmins. It was a mark of begin of education or civilized living. Across India, many communities wore it. It was more common among Brahmins because they were in profession of preserving cultural roots. It is oldest symbol of culture.


      Regarding Creation of DALITS,I missed imp. points TO summarize

      Mughal n British Rule were characterised by

      -Epidemics n Deadly Plagues

      Massive Droughts n Famines

      MAssive Looting of Wealth,Money,Gold

      Destruction of all Traditional Instituions

      Santching of Lands from many Hindu JAATIS which today come under SC like JAATAVS,MAHARS,MANGS,PASIS,CHARMKARS through Mansabdari n Zamindari system by Muslims n British resp.

      massive Genocide of Hindus incl. Destruction of Towns,villages,cities

      Destruction of Lakes,Ponds,water reservoirs

      Destruction of LAKHS of Temples and Pushing of Hindu JAATIS into leather work during Muslim Rule

      Internalization of Beating n Discrimination by Hindus which they suffered at hands of both Muslims n British,such that Hindus started treating their own fellow Hindus(SC) like that

      There were atleast 5-6 waves of CHOLERA in INDIA during 1810-1920 period due to which Untouchability became to be practised widely throughout INDIA as there were no antibiotics than,as a result of which,Many People became Scheduled Casted which the Colonialists n MArxists ommited.To give a eg-The 19th century epidemic killed at least 10 million people in India, which would roughly be 5%? There were 4 cholera epidemics in India in the 19th and early 20th century, how many died is unknown.

      During 1918 influenza pandemic colonial British administrators ran away to the secluded hill stations. Around 6% of Indian population died, more than the total World War I deaths in the world. In today’s terms that would be more than 70 million deaths

      Brahminism is a farce to attack Hinduism in Disguise.The Vedas are available in Print today after invention of printing press and all Rituals are documented.Anybody can learn them for free,Thousands of Dalits have been trained and appointed as Temple Priests,Even the most prestigious Tirupati temple has appointed Dalits/Adivasis as Temple Priests. There are many Hindu Org. which provide courses on becoming Brahmin,anybody can enroll n learn

      There never was any Caste System until British created it in first place.We had Varna-Jaati System which was fluid,dynamic n interdependent not in a hierarchy

      Common Question -Why dont than different Jaatis marry amon themselves

      Response-Why should they .Marriage – we prefer to marry with our own social, linguistic and cultural groups and those families with whom we share common, values, customs and traditions.This thing can be observed among every Civilization,every living species.Even After converting to Islam,The different Tribes in Saudi Arabia still marry among their circles only even today

      Question - I am denied Entry into a Hindu Temple Response - What is the fault of Hinduism here,Contact local Hindu Group or you can build your own temple and become a priest - no questions asked today all prayogas (ritual manuals) with instructions are available from Giri Trading company, Chaukhamba, Gita Press Gorakhpur etc. In local languages with instructions.

      Those who want to bring stories of 1000 years of discrimination

      I have very simple response-You cannot judge a society of 3000 years ago by our modern values. Freedom is a post-modern concept. Every society is in transition and evolving. 200 years ago the British transported women who stole potatoes to feed their starving children, to Australia for 7 -8 years. people were hanged in England for stealing anything above 40 pounds in value. The British had a very rigorous class system. Gays have been outcasts in European society till 50 years ago.It was after the invasions and the colonization that the stratification got really bad. Heck, when Marco Polo visited India in the 13th century, he said that both men and women walked around more or less naked and it was not considered anything. He was pretty puritanical and pissy about it. Then came the Islamic invasions, mass rape and worse - then women had to cover head to toe and restrictions increased over time to the point many communities didn’t allow their womenfolk to go outside due to the danger then it became a “custom”. Now we are called “conservative” for that. Oh the irony.

      Those who ask try to argue that one's birth cannot be the criterion for the choice of one's work. Should we continue with the philosophy of birth driven fate in this world? If they are considered as age old practices that perpetuate ignominy in our culture, why not the caretakers of our religion should declare it null and void.

      Well, send yourself back in a time machine - before government sponsored public education. How would a person get an education or learn a trade? It was from their fathers or their family. So priests son’s were priests, carpenter’s sons were carpenters etc.Nowadays everyone gets education and few people follow their traditional professions and everyone can follow a career of their choosing, therefore judging a person by their birth is wrong and should be condemned at every level.But registering a person’s caste on their ID card only reinforces and perpetuates the patriarchal hierarchical caste system.

      • suyash95 259 days ago | +0 points


        But HINDUPHOBICS bring up story about Eklavya n Karna to cite eg of discrimination.

        Why Karna was discriminated, no one knew he was kunti's son. He was a chariot driver's son, he is trying to be in company of princes. Think about it, it is normal human behaviour to bully the underdog. Kaurav and Pandav they were after all human. Of course they didn't like one of the servants among themselves

        I read the original Text devoid of English Translation. Here it was the missing inform people did not mention- At one point of Time,Eklavya'd ancestors ruled entire ASIA. Eklavya belonged to the lineage of Nishadraj and Maharaja NALA..NALA was the Chakravarti Samrata at one point of Time in Ancient India,Point is JATIS had ups n downs .The Past does not define the future.Same IShwar resides in heart of each individual ..Acc to the original Text,Dronacharya found out that Eklavya father was Hiranyadhenu who was the Army Commander of King Jarasandha who was the sworn enemy of KURUS,Drona knew that if Eklavya fought against Kurus with Jarasandha army,Kurus would have no chance.U must also note that Drona was under the service of KURUS,he did what he had to do to save them.Drona also swore an oath that he will teach only Kuru Princes..Also in one of his Former Life acc. to ancient text ,Eklavya himself was King Phalgunadi who ruled over a large kingdom.

        Here it is explained in detail

        The Fall of Dronacharya - Indic Today

        Most people read the books read or written by the British and conclude that India was anti-Shudra and most people use the books of leftist or English class people who read those books, to propagate anti-Hinduism. But I have tried that I will take material from the original texts and take the facts from the literature of those who live in the Indian psyche, but will not use the fanciful literature written by foreigners.

        If literature is picked up from ancient times, then all people were born from Brahma or Manu. In both of these things, if all people are descended from the same person, then who is small and who is not big can be imagined. Now let's talk about the Rig Veda [ii] Purushakuta, the tenth circle in which the world or society is shown as a person lying on the ground. It has been told that four types of karma are required to run every society and it has been said that these four actions are necessary to run the life of the world and a person.

        Now the first Karma has been told that "Brahmins" means those who will think for the society, become teachers, become scientists or how will the societal problems will be solved, every person who thinks how societal problems will be solved is a BRAHMIN. Since thinking is from the brain, it is depicted as the head of a 'lying person'.

        The second karma has been described as Kshatriya which means army, administrative service, guarding etc. The way a person protects himself with his hands and his force is revealed by his chest. Similarly, this type of karma is shown as the chest of a 'lying person'.

        'The third karma is Vaishya, that is, every society reads the need for earning money and trade, transactions etc. This karma is depicted from the stomach of a person because we receive food from the stomach, there is a capacity for energy flow in the whole body.

        Finally the fourth karma is described as Shudra. There are many youths or individuals in the society who are not very learned or do not even fight in their own nature and also have the decency to run a business. These people are naive but they are artists, they include potters, blacksmiths, carpenters, carpenters, etc., who have amazing knowledge in the field of art. Not only this, these people make the tools of Brahmins, Kshatriyas, Vaishyas, etc. and cooperate in their work. He comes in the Shudra varna

        They are depicted as legs of a 'lying person' because if the person does not have legs, the hands, chest and head all fall to the ground and are forced to beg. Therefore, the Shudras have been given the place in the Vedas that the whole society depends on them. 'These four deeds are called varna. There is no small or big in it and it was purely karma based system. In this, any person ‘s children could go to other varnas according to deeds.

        Now come to the Ramayana, the authors of the original text of the Ramayana are Valmiki, who himself was from the Shudra varna. And in the Ramayana, Shri Ram ate plum from the hands of Shabri and traveled in the boat of KEVAT, both were of Shudra varna, so there was no difference between a Kshatriya and a Shudra. Not only this, Shri Ram fought the entire battle with the entire army of those who are called adivasis, in which all the people were Jamwant, Sugriva and other similar people etc. and instead of taking possession of them, Rama made Sugriva king n returned. It has been a tradition of Hinduism.Not only this, when a Ravana of a Brahmin varna made a mistake, he lost his life. Rama did not see varna or caste while doing justice

        Similarly, those who wrote Mahabharata was Ved Vyas. He was also a Shudra. In this, some people try to describe Eklavya as Shudra. While Eklavya was also the son of the Bhil king and later also fought in the army. The question of why Dronacharya did not teach Eklavya,was becoz Dronacharya's oath was that he would make Arjuna the best archer.

        Even after this, in the Mahabharata, Ved Vyas has criticized this mistake of Dronacharya and has not considered it suitable, which shows that the ideals of India were to support the right. Some such people try to call Karna a Shudra while he was the brother of Pandavas. Now even if he believes that he was with the father of Shudra caste, if one Kshatriya Arjuna rebuked him, then the other Kshatriya Duryodhana made him king of Anga. This proves that it was a personal fight between Arjun and Karna and not any caste abuse

        Now coming to saints like Kabir, Ravidas, Raidas, Valmiki etc. Many saints have been born in India who were born in Shudra varna. Later, they became Brahmins by karma. Before this, a Brahmin Chanakya raised Chandragupta, the boy of a Shudra varna, and made him king of the Kshatriya varna. Many such examples have been read in our history, which proves that today many castes of SC / ST castes made by the British used to be Kshatriya kings earlier. Now the question comes that if he were the king then how did he come in such a bad condition

        In response to this, Dalit intellectual and writer Shri Vijay Sonkar Shastri ji writes in his book 'Hindu Charmkar Jati' that those whom we consider to be Chamars were actually Kshatriyas of the Chanwar dynasty and fought with the most valor in the time of the Mughals. But once they lost the war, the Mughals asked them to convert to Islam n when they refused ,they insulted them by asking them to pick the dirt of their women's harem and then Do the work of removing the skin of dead animals. These knights accepted that work and did not accept Islam.

        Later, while doing this work, it became his condition that people started avoiding them or touching them. While in reality they were Kshatriyas, the same situation happened with Valmiki Jati and Khatik Jati. This work was done by them in the time of the British and in history, the British put the entire charge of these atrocities on the remaining Upper n backward castes that they looted DALITS which they created in the first place.

        The Christian pirates aka British had cleverly looted all the castes, whose resources were snatched and exploited, and than in the first CASTE census which they did, they grouped these people into SC / ST. And those who were still rich or fighting with the British were put into the General. After this, it was written in the books that the general people had exploited and suppressed all the others for centuries and snatched the facilities from them. And than they made reservation arrangements for SC/ST, along with this, telling the SC / ST that they were oppressed by General people ,In reality,the British created them . With this, they also started telling SC / ST that as long as you stay in Hinduism, you will be poor and exploited, so you become a Christian

        In this way, the British fought the Indians on one side under the rule of divide policy, on the other hand, by changing their views, they also made them Christians. The motive behind making Christian was purely political rather than religious, because becoming Christian meant clothes, language, food and following the West like the West. This trick went on by giving convent education to the children of the rich general category. Due to which mentally their children also became western and atheistic.

        Even after independence, as the education system which was designed by Macaulay continued, all leftist n Marxist intellectuals started reading the same history and started teaching the same thing to Indian people. When the center of power reached United States from Britain, the universities doing these also multiplied with addition of Oxford ,California n Harvard. Now funds started coming from there to do anti-Hindu research, to prove India was anti-women, anti-Dalit, anti-tribal, and they also started encouraging n distributing prizes to Indian people for doing such research who were instilled with admiration n praise for WEST

        This led to many books being written on the literature of Hindus .This was a highly biased narrative where selective verses were picked from Hindu Texts which suited to their agenda, than many books, PhD , papers were written presenting only one side of story. All this shows the mental insolvency of the intellectual class of India against the literature of their own country. ,

        Tata Institute, Jadhavpur,JNU.Osmania,Hyderabad Central Univ. etc. were set up n Many researches were done in these universities and an illusion trap was set up. Out of this Mahishasura, Arya Dravid, exploitation of Sita, exploitation of Draupadi, exploitation of Shambhuk, calling Karna-Eklavya as Dalit etc. many lies and concoctions were made. Due to this creation of these theories on SC / ST by Christian Pirates aka BRITISH in society, has created hatred between SC / ST and General in the society. And the game of conversion is also being played fastly in Orissa, North East, Bengal and Tamil Nadu, Kerala etc. In today's time, this hatred has increased so much that hatred between Dalits and Brahmins is increasing at a rapid rate with Colonized Media n Intellectual Sepoys promoting this actively. While no one knows in actual who is a Dalit and who is a Brahmin? Because of this magnificent illusion made by the British.

        Today, when India has become so educated, the youth should understand that according to the Vedas, the varna system was based on deeds and which British later corrupted it on the basis of caste.

        There is no need of any Varna Vyavastha in today Modern society which is far more advanced than the society 10000 years ago for which these rules were made originally

        The British were so dumb that they could not even understand what the cast says in Hindi because it considered caste, varna, clan, gotra and clan to be same as CASTE and went straight away in reverse. It was a pity that our people accepted the expectation of challenging this belief, which kept the society divided. The youth should now ask these English-educated professors and leftists why we are fighting among ourselves. And the people of SC / ST should speak openly that we are not DALIT,This is a CHURCH creation, we have also come from the same pure family, just because of the Mughals and the British, we have to suffer for so many years.

        Caste-based discrimination and “untouchability” are purely social evils not accepted or recognized anywhere in the Hindu scriptural tradition. The word “caste” is derived from the Portuguese “casta” — meaning lineage, breed, or race. As such, there is no exact equivalent for “caste” in Indian society, but what exists is the dual concept of varna and jāti. Sacred texts describe varna not as four rigid, societal classes, but as a metaphysical framework detailing four distinctive qualities which are manifest, in varying degrees, in all individuals. Jāti refers to the occupation-based, social units with which people actually identified. There are four varnas and countless jātis. In theory, the numerous jātis loosely belonged to one of the four varnas, but were not limited to the traditional profession of the varna in ancient India. Over time, however, varna and jati became conflated and birth-based.The four varnas and the most common professions belonging to each were:

        teachers, scholars, physicians, judges, and priests (brahmanas)

        kings, soldiers, administrators, city planners (kshatriyas)

        businessmen, traders, bankers, agricultural, and dairy farmers (vaishyas)

        laborers, artisans, blacksmiths, and farmers (including wealthy landowners) (sudras)

        A subsequent fifth category, now known as the “untouchables,” emerged more than 2,000 years after the Rig Veda

        (the first Veda) to categorize those jātis which, for various reasons, did not fit into the four-fold varna structure. Many of these jātis performed tasks considered ritually impure, physically defiling, or involving violence, such as preparing and eating animal products.

        However, no sacred text or book of social law ever prescribes this fifth category. Rather, Hindu scripture emphasizes equality of all mankind. All beings from the smallest organism to man, are considered manifestations of the Divine or reflections of the Divine’s qualities,depending upon the school of thought. Because of this shared divinity, Hinduism views the universe as a family or in Sanskrit, Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam. Hinduism also advances the concept of the equality of all mankind, as expressed in the ancient hymn

        Ajyesthaso akanishthaso ete sambhrataro vahaduhu saubhagaya

        No one is superior, none inferior. All are brothers marching forward to prosperity.

        Mankind, in turn, carries a special responsibility to honor the underlying equality of people and unity of existence because it is believed to be the most spiritually evolved. The popularly recited Hindu invocation demonstrates this concern for universal kinship and well-being:

        Om sarve bhavantu sukhinah.

        Sarve santu niraamayaah.

        Sarve bhadraani pashyantu.

        Maa kaschid dukhbhaag bhavet.

        May all beings be happy.

        May all beings be healthy.

        May all beings experience prosperity.

        May none in the world suffer.

        The term “caste” in modern India is primarily understood to mean jāti rather than varna and is a feature across all religious communities. Discrimination on the basis of caste is also outlawed. Generally, neither varna nor jāti have bearing on one’s occupation in modern India, but may still influence lifestyle, certain socio-cultural practices, and marriage.

        HOW THE BRITISH STRENGTHENED CASTE SYSTEM THROUGH 1881 CENSUS, impact of British rule on Indian society, status of Sudras in British rule, why British demonized caste Rediscovering India by Dharampal


        First these identities like General,OBC,SC has to be rremoved,When India became independent,than those people who were rich and had lands were labelled as General whereas those who were very badly affected during 1000 yrs of Muslims n Christian Pirates rule were labelled as SC.

        Reservations based on Caste need to be abolished,I am not saying that reservations needs to be abolished.Reservation needs to be given on an affirmative action based program,All those who r poor n need help,support should be given reservation.As people become educated n frequently travel,they will marry across JATIS ,Education will greatly help in breaking barriers,

        In the past too,there are many evidences of marrying across JATIS but I think it was hardened after Islamic invasions becoz people began to fear for their life and it is recorded by foreign travelers.

        I think Uttar,Pradesh,Bihar,Uttaranchal,Jharkhand,Chaatisgarh,Rajasthan have suffered worst through Muslim n British rule. that is why CAste atrocitites r reported,' Govt should run a DEcolonization program teaching people basic Human values,morals,ethics to each n every person,in 10-15 years ,A marked improvement will be seen.people always fight,A son will occasionaaly fight with his mother,a daughter with his mother. Small fights will always happen between people

        Eg - If a Sc person fights with another SC person or a OBC person o a MBC person or a Muslim person or a General Caste person All these cases r counted as caste atrocity Suppose a general n Sc fights when their cars collide.both of the did not know each other during collision,only when they go to police station,they knew each other,This case will also be counted as Caste atrocity

        It is True that there are still cases of discrimination present in Indian Society,But we have to resolve them n move forward.Take for eg case of Temple Entry,In the last 300 years ,there were allegations that some Hindu Jaatis which were labelled as DALITS were not allowed to enter some temples,The First point is – There were lakhs of temples in India before Islamic invasion took place,They destroyed lakhs of Hindu Temples and induced Fear psychosis in Hindu psyche.But today with the independence of India,There are thousands of major temples all over India where anybody could enter.Thousands of Dalits have been made Temple priests in major temples all across India.There are Org like Arya Samaj n Chinmayanand Centre which offer Purohit courses where anyone can enroll and become a learned pandit . so today there r still some private group There may be some temples owned by private groups where they don’t allow entry to certain groups.Well this is not related to religion,It is a strong tribalistic mindset.Govt must build Temples for such people.Ambedkar also wanted Govt to run a priestly class service where anyone can enroll

        This problem also exists in religion like Christianity,Islam where they don’t allow different members from their religions.

        Eg –Mormon Churches,Jehovah Witness Churches,Black Churches,Protestant Churches,Church of Scientology

        In Islam-There r deobandis,Barelvis,Ahle Hadees,Sunni,Shia,Ahmadi,Bora Mosques etc.where they don’t allow each other

        There r different groups within both White n Black Christian Communities who don’t arry among each other.The Whites don’t marry with Blacks.There r various groups within Christians-Both Whites n Blacks who don’t marry among each other.They have their own Churches n they associate only with their members.

        Take for eg- Islam considers entire Muslim community as one Single Entity UMMAHA.But this doesnot mean that everything in Hunky-Doory.The Arabs never marry among Asian Muslims(whether Indian or Pak Muslims)but nobody every left their religion. In Arab world also,there is strong tribalistic mindset where people only married among their tribes.Simialrly In India,There were JAATIS which were community groups which provided transmission of skills n social security.


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