Varna Jaati - InEquality Jati

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Was VARNA-JAATI System was about INEQUALITY.Does HINDUISM promotes INEQUALITY unlike Abrahamanic religion which promote EQUALITY?

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    Meaning by “equality?” I am assuming  meaning it in the post-modern Neo-Marxist sense of all humans being “equal” and are entitled to equity (equality of outcome).

    In what biological sense are men and women equal? Do both sexes have the same reproductive abilities, life-cycles, reactive dynamics, health issues etc?

    Are all humans born with the same physical characteristics, talents, skills, intelligence, abilities, health, strength, character, self-management skills, aspirations etc.?

    Are all humans born in the same socio-economic environment with the same equal opportunities this affords?

    Do all humans have the same psychological profile, aspirations and desires?

    So in what way are “all equal”?

    Hinduism observes reality as it is and is pragmatic as opposed to idealistic in its approach. Hinduism teaches that on an ontological level of the jīvātman, all sentient beings are “equal” in that we are all minute aspects of the totality of Being, the Unified Field. Popularly stated as “God dwells within each and every sentient being.” Hindus greet by saying NAMASTE which means “the divine in me salutes the divine in you!” So from a spiritual perspective we are all equal.

    Hinduism teaches that people are born different, with different talents, skills and aspirations. Every individual is unique and has their own trajectory in life according to their Karma.

    Notwithstanding our biological and social differences, from a social perspective, everyone should be given the same access to education, health-care and public transport - the three basic essentials for a modern society. Everyone should be assessed and treated on the basis of their merits and not their caste, religion, socio-economic background, ethnicity or gender.

    Is it possible to have equality of outcome? Clearly not - equity cannot be demonstrated nor is it logically feasible - given the vast differences already touched on in the afore asked rhetorical questions.

    Social equality is a farce propagated by the followers of those religions which teach a true and permanent inequality between followers (superior) and non-followers (inferior — “heathen”, “infidel”, etc). These religions teach a permanent spiritual inequality for eternity, while hypocritically preaching “universal brotherhood” Hinduism, in its infinite wisdom, teaches spiritual equality of everyone, regardless of whether they are followers or non-followers. And in the mundane world, it says that inequality in inevitable due to the material origin of mentions nature. No two trees grow to the same heights, no two human beings are identical in their talents and abilities. Societies change with time, and social groups or individuals rise and fall in their importance or status. So striving for a utopian social equality is a futile attempt mentions In any case, Hinduism teaches that the ultimate goal of human life is to transcend society and the material world into a spirituality. Almost all Hindu saints and sages are people who were socially underprivileged, but spiritually rich.

    Social equality is a fanciful, unattainable pretense of the modern democratic world, which in fact perpetrates many many types of social inequality.LEFT is doctrinated with useless western social theories. It's a figment of imagination to achieve some utopian social justice.Utopia can never be achieved. Mao tried to usher in one and ended up killing millions. I'd rather be in a realistic world where If I make x widgets an hour, I should be paid more than someone who makes x/2 widgets an hour irrespective of what our group identities are.

    “Egalitarianism” is a 20th century-spun. Abrahamisms had the worst form of human slavery till the 20th century.

    For example, someone who spends years studying and doing research for a PhD doesn’t get paid even 1% of the money that a movie star with minimal education gets mentions paid for a single movie. So even in this harmless situation, there are two types of inequalities. And this, in a society which allows freedom of choice.

    For another example, the top 0.1% richest people in the USA earn 188 times as much as the bottom 90%.

    Income Inequality -



    In the vast library of Hinduism one can find texts supporting every spectrum of socio-political ideology. People tend to adopt those ideas which support their own prejudices, so there are hundreds of verses which support caste and gender based discrimination and there are just as many verses condemning any form of discrimination.

    There are two aspects to this question -

    1. are all creatures really “equal”
    2. How should WE treat other sentient beings?

    I would like to address the second question in detail:–

    How should we treat other beings?

    In the Gītā Kṛṣṇa says quite clearly: –

    vidyā vinaya saṁpanne brāhmaṇe gavi hastini | śuni caiva śvapāke ca paṇḍitāḥ sama-darśinaḥ || 5:18 ||

    The sages regard with equality one well-endowed with learning and humility, a Brahmana, a cow, an elephant, a dog and a dog-eater.

    Then in the Srimad Bhagavatam (11:29:13 — 18) in the final address to Uddhava he expands upon this concept of sama-darśana - this is one of my favourite passages because it is a summary of the entire philosophy of Vedānta so I give it here in full. Before you start whining about how hard it is, remember this is the highest goal that should be striven for - accomplishing it is unimportant it is the practice which matters - so begin this practice today! Here and now.

    māmeva sarvabhūteṣu bahir antarapāvṛtam | īkṣetātmani cātmānaṁ yathā kham amalāśayaḥ || 12 || iti sarvāṇi bhūtāni mad bhāvena mahādyute | sabhājayan manyamāno jñānaṁ kevalam āśritaḥ || 13 || brāhmaṇe pulkase stene brahmaṇye’rke sphuliṅgake | akrūre krūrake caiva samadṛk paṇḍito mataḥ || 14 || nareṣvabhīkṣṇaṁ madbhāvaṁ puṁso bhāvayato’cirāt | spardhāsūyātiraskārāḥ sāhaṅkārā viyanti hi || 15 || visṛjya smayamānān svān dṛśaṁ vrīḍāṁ ca daihikīm | praṇamed daṇḍavad bhūmāvāśva cāṇḍāla go kharam || 16 || yāvat sarveṣu bhūteṣu mad bhāvo nopajāyate | tāvad evam upāsīta vāṅ manaḥ kaya vṛttibhiḥ || 17 || sarvaṁ brahmātmakaṁ tasya vidyayātma manīṣayā | paripaśyann uparamet sarvato mukti saṁśayaḥ || 18 ||

    The pure minded devotee should cognise Me, the Lord of all, pervading every object within and without, including himself, like the all-pervading unobstructed Space (ākāśa). (12)

    O wise Uddhava, know him to be one of true illumination (paṇḍita) having insight generated by wisdom, who, possessing equal vision perceives and honours all beings as My manifestations — be they brahmins or outcastes, persecutors or virtuous men, the sun or a spark of fire, a tranquil person or a violent one. (13 - 14)

    In those who constantly cultivate the perception of Me in all beings, there will no longer be competitiveness with equals, jealousy towards superiors, contempt for inferiors, and excessive preoccupation with oneself. (15)

    Disregarding the ridicule of friends and relatives, casting aside the sense of high and low based on physical appearance, abandoning all shyness and shame based on such erroneous judgement, one should prostrate respectfully before all beings, dogs, outcastes, cattle, donkeys etc, seeing them all as manifestations of Me (16)

    Until the consciousness that all beings are My manifestations has been well established in the mind, one should commune with Me through external worship (mūrti-pūjā) and acknowledge My presence in all beings by thought, word and deed. (17)

    By virtue of this practice of equal vision of the ātman everywhere, a devotee gains that insight by which he perceives everything as Brahman. He becomes free from all doubts and is liberated from all Karma. (18)


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