The differences between “Nirvana” in Buddhism and “Moksha” in Hinduism Hinduism and Buddhism

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The differences between “Nirvana” in Buddhism and “Moksha” in Hinduism, are they connected? 

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    Nirvana is the NearOne. It is NirVaani. Silent.

    Moksha is Moh-Sha. Self Realization. Mukti..Liberation from One's own Delusions. It is also Silent and Mute. Mukti is Muk.

    Both are similar. and are the same. However, Buddha said nothing about Nirvana, Nagarjuna said Samsara is Nirvana - because nothing with finality can be said about either- it's not a matter for intellectual grasping.

    About Mukti lot of explanations are there - that it is freedom from Maya and from cycle of rebirth.


  • ssdtonoy1466 days ago | +0 points

    Although many take them to be the same, they are different in detail. Nirvaan refers to realization of non-self or non-existence or emptiness. Moksha on the other hand refers to joining with the Brahman.


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