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What is the concept of “ Birthmark “ in Hinduism  

There’s many myth attached to this which our elder tell it’s due to our past birth .. birthmark which we can’t see by our own eye is good etc etc 

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    Yes they do Garuda Purana - Vol. one - Achar Kanda - Chapter -64,65 are about Samudrika science which gives us detail description of Birthmarks both on males as well as females. 

    • Chapter 64 - समुद्रिकानुसारेण स्त्री-नर लक्ष णम् ( A brief discourse on the auspicious or inauspicious marks on the person of females.
    • Chapter 65 विस्तरत: समुद्रिकानुसारेण स्त्री-नर लक्ष णम् ( auspicious marks on men and women as disclosed by science of Samudrikam.

    According to Garuda purana these birth marks are either auspicious or inauspicious. And they do tell us about the personality, the situations a person going to face in the future, financial condition, death (in own or foreign country), about obtaining wealth, about getting good husband or wife, future of sons/daughters, eating habits, royalty, intellect, behavior, personality traits etc.

    So these marks are good indicators of a mans of woman's current life.


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    Sorry but  unable to find that chapter in books online. As the purana appears to be shorter

    Can you please provide a link if possible as also interested in finding out more on meaning of birthmarks and moles.

    Thank you 


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