Why Hindu is so flexible? Society and Current Issues

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As compared to other Religions Hinduism is very flexible / aggressive. 

Many times we are at disadvantage.

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    Till the invasions started in our lands in the middle ages, in this land religion, culture, tradition - all were meaning the same thing. Then we were exposed to a new concept called "religion" - initially by Christian preachers in Kerala, then by Muslims in the northern parts. And everything changed.

    Earlier, we had sectoral differences - sure. Vaishnavas, Shaivas, Shaktas, etc. had infighting within our own land. But we managed. There were pulls and pushes amongst Buddhists, Jains, and followers of the Sanatana Dharma. But we managed. From time to time, great souls came and put things in perspective (case in point - Aadiguru Shankaracharya).

    The flexibility that was there inside our own indigenous societal structure through which we "managed" had a new task when this land was subjected to external threat of "religion". We thought we would continue to "manage".

    But, did we? We finally come back full circle to your question! Irony!


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    Can you please provide the context of this question? Did you mean "tolerant", "accommodating"?


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    Because the Hindu knows that the same Spirit Animates all of Existence

    So he is very flexible. But he should not be liberal with those who are not so broad in their vision with them he should be cautious, circumspect and operate strictly on the basis of give and take respect.


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