What is issue with book of Devdutta Pattnaiak? (firstpost.com) Hindu Scriptures

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Pattanaik is consulted by the likes of Shashi Tharoor when they need to make a case for Hinduism ????? 

  • anilrao 627 days ago | +1 points

    Devadutt Patnaik is a typical convent educated Indian intellectual, he tries to fit Indian philosophy in line with linear Christian/Islamic doctrines, he is young but give hime time - he will truly start understanding that the entire Universe is God, and God is the Universe and that is why in Hinduism - Science and Religion are united, Devadutt is a very intelligent person and once he stops trying to reshape Hinduism into what he feels familiar with - he will grow and become a true seeker and grow into a Guru that he has the potential to be.....

    • harigoyal 626 days ago | +0 points

      May be or may be not. In many of his recent tweets he was abusive and almost sound as Hindutva phobic. May be he moved to other extreme. I read several of his books.


  • akshay.since1987 626 days ago | +0 points

    1. I believe this site is not meant for bitching about someone. This question is absolutely irrelevant here.

    2. Devadutt has been given authenticity by Leftist and that in itself should tell you he is persona non grata.

    • metadota 593 days ago | +0 points

      Yes I agree with this point that it is not meant to bitching about someone. 

      Kudos for this gate keeping , but what are other ways we can discuss the work which need to be given critic? 


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