Why virginity of only women is stressed upon in Hindu scriptures? Is men's virginity not required during marriage? Hindu Scriptures

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Is men's virginity not required? 

  • jay1492 days ago | +1 points

    Is men's virginity not required?

    E.g., Manusmriti says:

    If a man gives a defective damsel, without mentioning the defects, he should be punished by the king himself with a fine of ninety-six ‘paṇas.’—(8.224)


    Such circumstances in connection with the girl as may be detrimental to morality, to progeny, and to capacity in general are to be regarded as her ‘defects’; e.g., such diseases as consumption and the like, loss of virginity and so forth.

    The marriage -texts are clearly conducive to ‘wife-hood’; and these are to be recognised by the learned as completed at the ‘seventh-step.’—(8.227)


    There can be no such ‘marriage’ of a girl, who has already had sexual intercourse; and in her case even though the entire procedure, up to the ‘offering of fried grains’ may have been gone through, she does not become a ‘wife.’ So that in this case, a revoking of the bargain is possible, just as in the case of any other commodity.


  • ichat1488 days ago | +2 points

    No, it is not required.

    • jay1473 days ago | +0 points

      so can it be said with any other reasons as well? 

      how to explain this to modern feminist? 

      • Inder Jit Gupta485 days ago | +0 points

        The question in the present day is difficult to answer satisfactorily as there is no procedure to confirm the virginity in males or females.  But one aspect/thing is certain, everything in this universe revolves around the female. Now it is upon us how to allow the girl/women to flourish and progress. Overall, the upbringing of children at an early age emphasizing on aspects of hygiene and discipline will be favorable for society and the nation.


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