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For the normal people, it's just that last one nimesh, before death breaks the bond between body and soul, when they understand that everything they thought they knew was a lie... well, except for some of them who happened to be at the right place, at the right moment, where & when the brain absorbed the essence of the absolute, even if it was in the form of "knowledge".

Death comes to all - without discrimination. But the word 'all' is a deception. It may mean everything living and unliving that you may see with your eyes (extending to those that you can see only with the help of the lenses in machines devised by mankind, e.g., microscope, telescope, etc.). It may also mean those that you think you are seeing, but you do not know for sure. Yes, humans die, animals die, cockroaches also die, tardigrades die, plants and trees and algae die, even rocks and oceans and planets and stars die. Galaxies lose their identity as they succumb to the pull of the great attractor. But this death is not an absolute. This death is merely a transformation.

What happens is best understood if you look up to see the patterns of lightening in a night sky. You cannot really fathom from where the lightening spark starts and where it ends. But sometimes you can, if you are lucky, see how it hits the ground (or an object) - just for a trice. Then it disappears. It starts and hits again. And it disappears.

Out lifespan to the scale of the cosmos is like that trice. From the Absolute emerges a spark - a soul - and hits a womb - any womb - and life starts. It emerges, grows, absorbs, bubbles, and bursts. The trice ends - the spark disappears.... only to hit somewhere else.

This is just mumbo-jumbo to most. Knowledge to some. Realization to a blessed few.

And death does not touch those blessed few. For those few, Death offers discrimination - happily. The discrimination is again not eternal - there is no'thing' that is eternal in the cosmos. But it does last for a very very long time. It lasts for about 311 trillion earth-years.

I bow to Thee, the Prajapatis, manas-putras of the First Illusion.

I bow to Thee, the Saptarshis, manas-putras of the First Illusion.

Proud to be a descendant to one of you. Will meet You one day in the Tapah-lok.

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    Disclaimer: My article has no relation with the book being linked. Any resemblance would mean we are at the same wavelength! :)


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    Wow, this books looks so nice, is there anything you can share on what kind of people should die? 

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      every kind!


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    मृत्युं एक सरिता है जिसमें श्रम से कातर जीव नहा कर

    फिर नुतन धारण करता है काया रुपी वस्त्र बहा कर

    मृतयु एक विश्राम स्थल जीव जहां से चलता है

    पाकर नव जीवन संभल 


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