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Why there are anomalies in the number of avatars and order of avatars across the different scriptures? 

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    May be there is no fixed criteria to define Avatar. May be this is creating all these anomalies in numbers and orders. 

    One criteria which Bhagwan Krishna told in Geeta that यदा यदा हि धरमसया ........... Bhagwan come to earth to 


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    We all know there are anomalies in the number and in the list. Narayana takes multiple avatars to nudge the evolution of culture and stream of history in the right direction from time to time. Ten get prominence in some context. Candidates within the Ten get prominence in some other context. But we seek uniformity. Uniformity across the bodies of Puranas that was not meant to be! This is not because structure helps us understand things, accept things. It is because we assumed there was a structure based on our framwork of thoughts and conceptions!

    You have to understand that any thing that was said during Kaliyuga - even if it was being said by Aadi-Shankaracharya or Swami-Vivekananda - it was always unsalted. We didn't realize that.

    Puranas tell what happened - they do not correspond to Itihaas. No - Bhaagavat does not "elaborate on" the Krishna of Mahabharat. Puranas talk about what happened somewhere, sometime. #Sanatana


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