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This is going to be an iconic movie in the coming time for Gujarati cinema for many reasons. There is no dull moment in the movie as the presentation is very intense and engaging. First of all congratulations to the maker of the movie and the team for creating something that would save our cultural Continuity of India.

The movie captures the resilience of a community of a village in Gujarat against invaders trying to loot and destroy one of the important pilgrimage centers of Jainism. The movie has been a complete success in capturing this whole event cycle while delivering way above visuals, music, and dialogues.

Story: The screenplay of Talented writer Ram Mori has added magic to the storyline and as the director Vijaygiri took it to another level by having a crisp scene transition and maintaining an ideal pace. This movie does not have a dull scene or does not make one lose track even for a moment though it's a historical topic with lots of facts and nerdy insights. The element of drama has been used so well without distracting from the theme and it worked very well. This can be a great example for other historical drama movies coming ahead.

Visuals: The VFX's effects have been experimented well with openness, and the hard work of creating a dedicated set location and set elements has turned out so well. Overall VFX has added a grand beauty to story narration, Kudos to the team for this bet. The set and colors are so vibrant at the same time it's so rooted in its original form. The makers are successful in taking us back to the time and adversity of that struggling event.

Music: The music is very well suitable to the story, it has got amazing singers and composers for songs and the background score has shown immense talent in giving it an unforgettable musical treat. The kasoombo got its musical treatment most accurately. The Garba song, the title song, and the wedding song trio are perfect.

Cast: The selection of the cast has worked in amazing ways. The cast exactly knew what they were doing and why based on historical context. The movie has become a very accurate bridge media too who are new to the Gujarati culture and language. The cast has portrayed the roles they were given very well. Respected Dadu Barot's role has been given an accurate presentation and screen time which was a top need of this story and theme. The experience of the cast combined with VFX and music is highly immersive.

Runtime and Scene Selection: The expected accuracy of Historical drama has been achieved. Gita Slocka's Scene is Goosebumping. 

Kasoombo Movie as Social Learning Object: On the backdrop of the recent discussion of the Indian Knowledge system, decolonization, and attitude toward good historical knowledge, this movie can be seen as a mass learning object. Parents are suggested to take the kids to the ride of this amazing historical drama. It just not only narrates the story but also introduces hidden gems of the Culture of Gujarat.

This movie and the whole project are going to be an Epic movie experience that Modern Gujarati Cinema has been waiting for a long. The hard work for the achievement of accuracy and perfect sync of each team member is very much visible. There are shocking events, there is playfulness, and elements of drama which combined with cinematography have delivered an unforgettable experience. The Kasoombo movie is going to be remembered for a long and the impact is huge.

--- From the founding team of Hindu Media Wiki and Anaterdhvani Media

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