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Short stories from mahabharata (

These are very few selected short stories from Mahabharata.

4 points | Post submitted by Sammuddra 498 days ago | discuss | cached

Vedanta class (

Atmavidya is conducting class covering all aspects of our scriptures.  I am a student there and consider fortunate to have joined.  Swamiji is coverin...

8 points | Post submitted by dkrishnakumar 503 days ago | 1 Comments | cached

Birthmark in Hinduism

What is the concept of “ Birthmark “ in Hinduism  There’s many myth attached to this which our elder tell it’s due to our past birth .. birthmark...

5 points | Post submitted by QueenPunjab 503 days ago | 2 Comments

ASK HMW: Is Bhagavad Geeta fatalistic? How can one find one's Dharma if one has no desire? (

Is Dharma external then? Something forced onto a person?

5 points | Post submitted by shankara 503 days ago | 5 Comments | cached


Is Gautam Buddha is Avatara of  Bhagwan Vishnu? In which text it mentioned some people don't believe that Buddha is not a Avatar of Bhagwan Vishnu?

5 points | Post submitted by joshimsameer 503 days ago | discuss

A response to some views expressed by the Chair of the World Sanskrit Conference (2021) about श्री राम (śrī rāma) (

5 points | Post submitted by Megh 503 days ago | discuss | cached

Chronology of the Rigveda

For a moment, let's not debate on the divinity of the Vedas - especially, Rigveda. Let's look at the Rigveda objectively as a book of knowledge encode...

6 points | Post submitted by ichat 503 days ago | discuss

Were Rajputs Evil Tyrants?

9 points | Post submitted by PaPaJi 504 days ago | discuss

Who were Aryans and from where and when did they invade India ?

Around the 17th & 18th centuries, the British, trying to destroy the moral and traditional fabric of the Indian society & culture, sneakily de...

13 points | Post submitted by ichat 504 days ago | 10 Comments

Uttara Khandha

Is Uttara Khandha originally composed by Valmiki Rishi or added later? 

5 points | Post submitted by joshimsameer 504 days ago | 2 Comments

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