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The word Purana (; Sanskrit: पुराण, purāṇa) literally means "ancient, old", and it is a vast genre of Indian literature about a wide range of topics, particularly legends and other traditional lore. The Puranas are known for their intricate layers of symbolism depicted within the stories. Composed primarily in Sanskrit, but also in Tamil and other Indian languages, several of these texts are named after major Hindu deities such as Vishnu, Shiva and Shakti. The Puranic genre of literature is found in both Hinduism and Jainism.The Puranic literature is encyclopedic, and it includes diverse topics such as cosmogony, cosmology, genealogies of gods, goddesses, kings, heroes, sages, and demigods, folk tales, pilgrimages, temples, medicine, astronomy, grammar, mineralogy, humor, love stories, as well as theology and philosophy. The content is highly inconsistent across the Puranas, and each Purana has survived in numerous manuscripts which are themselves inconsistent. The Hindu Puranas are anonymous texts and likely the work of many authors over the centuries; in contrast, most Jaina Puranas can be dated and their authors assigned.There are 18 Maha Puranas (Great Puranas) and 18 Upa Puranas (Minor Puranas), with over 400,000 verses. The first version of various Puranas were likely to be composed between 3rd- and 10th-century CE. The Puranas do not enjoy the authority of a scripture in Hinduism, but are considered as Smritis.They have been influential in the Hindu culture, inspiring major national and regional annual festivals of Hinduism. Their role and value as sectarian religious texts and historical texts has been controversial because all Puranas praise many gods and goddesses and "their sectarianism is far less clear cut" than assumed, states Ludo Rocher. The religious practices included in them are considered Vaidika (congruent with Vedic literature), because they do not preach initiation into Tantra. The Bhagavata Purana has been among the most celebrated and popular text in the Puranic genre, and is, in the opinion of some, of non-dualistic tenor. But, the dualistic school of Shriman Madhvacharya has a rich and strong tradition of dualistic interpretation of the Bhagavata, starting from the Bhagavata Tatparta Nirnaya of the Acharya himself and later, commentaries on the commentary. The Chaitanya school also rejects outright any monistic interpretation of the purana.The Puranic literature wove with the Bhakti movement in India, and both Dvaita and Advaita scholars have commented on the underlying Vedantic themes in the Maha Puranas.

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Complete Shiva Purana available online in English

the only unabridged translation of the Shiva Purana is the four-volume translation published by Motilal Banarsidass. Here is a link to the t...

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Puranas Shiva Purana

Puran Digdarshan : An Introduction to All Puranas in Hindi By Shree Madhavacharya Shashtri (

Puran Digdarshan : An Introduction to All Puranas in Hindi By Shree Madhavacharya Shashtri

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Puranas Puranas (in Vaishnavism)

What are some lineage of Suryavanshi and Chandravanshi starting from Sathyug?

The Solar and Lunar dynasties of Vaivasvata Manavantra (7th Manavantra) are given inKurma PuranaBrahma PuranaAgni PuranaValmiki RamayanaMaha...

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What is The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna ? What does it talk about? How to get it?

I have encountered this term many times, The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna, if its a collective work, what does it talk about? Where to get it?&...

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Ramakrishna (As Scholar of Shaktisam)

Story of Trisanku

Maharaj Trisanku was a famous & parakarmi Suryavanshi King. He was very proud of himself and his achievements. One day he called his Raj Guru Vash...

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What is the proper way of reading Puranas

I need to know the proper way of reading a Purana. If there is some kind of prayer that needs to be done or rituals that need to be followed or any ru...

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Is Lord satyanarayana avatar of Vishnu and mentioned in puranas?

ASK HMW: Is Lord satyanarayana avatar of Vishnu and mentioned in puranas?

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Where to get all Puranas In bengali?

Where to get all Puranas In bengali?

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